Winter on Ithaca 2007 - 2008
The sights and the views around all the villages of Ithaca during Winter 2007 - 2008. Vathy Perahori Marathia Dexa Aetos Piso Aetos Hani Anoghi Lefki Stavros Kalivia Pilakata Exoghi Platrithia Ag. Sarantas Afales Lahos Frikes Raxi Kioni
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Mon 1 Oct - Above - The annual Marida Festival at Polis Bay, Stavros. Click here or on Photo above for all the pics of the day.
Above - Ann and Paul from the UK, have been coming to Ithaca for around 12 years. It's been so long, not even they remember exactly how many years they've been coming. We caught up with them at Polis Bay eating fish. They make up the Ithaki online community. It's a pleasure meeting the Hits.
Left - Lesa Carnegie is here from Birmingham in the UK. Lesa has been a long time sponsor and visitor to and Ithaca, and looks in on hOME ithaca greece when the skies get a little cloudy back home. You may remember a special during 2006-7 Winter Specials called 'Living the Dream for Lesa Carnegie'. Well that page was for her. For the next week, Lesa will be living her own dream and we've been lucky enough to capture a moment of it.
Right - Guiseppe is another visitor who I was lucky enough to meet today. He is a teacher from Italy, who with his wife, logs in each morning before classes start to see what's happening on Ithaca. Guiseppe spends most of his time on Ithaca around the south in Vathy where he has his Ithaki home.
Winter on Ithaca

Thu 4 Oct - Below - Last week at the Cultural Center in Vathy, Odysseas - Penelope awarded representative Mr. MacDonald of The British Archeological School of Athens, a prize for their archeological efforts on Ithaca over the years. Seen below - Mr. Livitsanis, Mr. Mac Donald, Mr. Paizis and Mr. Arsenis. To read the Greek Award please click here

Wherever you look, it still looks like summer. Even Cephalonia sparkles under the amazing October skies of these past weeks.
On Sunday 14th October at the Cinema in Vathy, the proposition of the Odysseus Center will be discussed. Ithaca and Odysseas are synonymous. A great number of years have been spent trying to prove the myth of Odysseas as truth through archeological digs and findings thereof, so it is only fitting that a center for this legend be constructed on Ithaca. Subjects to be discussed will include location and cost. If you don't understand Greek, but would still like to attend, then I'm sure you'll find someone there who won't mind whispering a translation into your ear.
On Ithaki, we're still enjoying fantastic weather, but that hasn't stopped the winter bugs from giving many on the island a bout of the flu.
Above - Myrtos Beach in Cephalonia.
Sat 6 Oct - Above Left - Ever wanted a closer look at the ridge of the mountain above Frikes? Well, here it is. Rocky and freaky just like the village name suggests. Above Right - Yachts still sailing in and around Kioni Bay. You'd never know it was October by the summery weather we're having. Left - Assos in Cephalonia on quick trip across the strait.
Sun 7 Oct - Below Left - A Lahos Cock with a bad sense of timing. He likes to crow during siesta and a few times between 2 and 4am. Below - Frikes Bay. Finally the skies resemble what is expected in October. Today an insignificant amount of rain fell over the island. Nothing to close the shutters for, but rain nonetheless. The gentle sprinkle may have done the pot plants some good however. The temperature is still quite mild, but as we head deeper into Autumn, they are bound to drop soon. Nights are quite chilly already, although many restaurants have their bayside seats full most nights despite the damp or the chill.
Tue 9 Oct - Above - There are not many places left in the world where you can leave the key in the ignition and the shopping on the handle bars, but Ithaki is definitely one of them. Above Right - Heading into Stavros after a humid, warm, drizzly and grey morning. Tropical Ithaki. Below - The Russano Plateau over Polis Bay, still quite green after a long hot summer with no rain. The walk to this area is a great way to spend a morning or afternoon.
Left - Don't despair, if you get into strife, there's always a local to help you out. Children on holiday lose their ball on the second floor of the Frikes hotel, but before you know it, Tzaneto from Ulysses restaurant has found a ladder to enable the family to reclaim the sphere back from the heights. Below Left - Kanelata area of Vathy. A mirror at every bend helps you keep your hair straight and the spinach out of your teeth. Below - Vathys very own Venetian tower with the bay in the background. Not even a grey and drizzle day dulls the majesty of this Ithaki Icon.
Left - Vathy Bay road with Kathara under heavy cloud while it drizzles down.

Right - Lightning strikes over Exoghi and the power goes off. Last night, wild thunderstorms and lightning crackled and roared over Ithaca with plenty of rain giving nourishment to the browning vegetation. After a humid and muggy day, just like true tropic tradition, the skies opened up and exploded all over the island. Ithaca one day, Queensland the next. More rain and temps of around 26C expected over the next day or so. Is this really October?

Wed 10 Oct - Below - Illias Andrianatos is back on Ithaca again visiting family and friends. He's the son of Maki, Ithakis Accordian player extraordinaire and a well known musical icon of the island. Illias might not be a musician, but he has definitely made music his life since settling in London quite a few years ago, where he has made his career as Sound Engineer for some very popular British bands. Over the past couple of years he has been working as Stage sound mixer for British Pop band 'Kaiser Chiefs' with whom he tours the world. A big leap from being a Summer Dj in a Vathy night club back in the 90s.
Thu 11 Oct - Above - A low-lying mist over Vathy this morning gave Ithakis' capital a very eerie aura. The bay was calmer than on a Summers' day. Although it drizzled most of the night, the day didn't end up too badly. Lots of sunny breaks with a very mild temp of around 26C under the sun. For more pics of the day continue on to page 2 or click here. If you're up for a party or 2, you can head to Fiorendino Bar Frikes for a yachters party or .......... CONT

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