Winter on Ithaca
2007 - 2008
The sights and the views around all the villages of Ithaca during Winter 2007 - 2008. Vathy Perahori Marathia Dexa Aetos Piso Aetos Hani Anoghi Lefki Stavros Kalivia Pilakata Exoghi Platrithia Ag. Sarantas Afales Lahos Frikes Raxi Kioni
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Tue 4 Dec cont. - Above - The horizon is closing in quickly as the storm front covers the western coast of Greece. Left - Exoghi disappears under a blackening sky.
There's been a little tremor activity over the past couple of days. 3.6 on the richter from around the Patra area. Rumbles were also felt on Ithaki, but only by a few. It's something you need to get used to when living anywhere in Greece. Many visitors worry about them due to the big quakes of '53, but you need to remember that most of the houses then were made of stone and dry wall, the big bad wolf could have blown them down. Now days, buildings are quake proof to 10 Richter with concrete reinforced with steel. You may be surprised to know that Greece leads the way in earthquake proof construction. That's not to say a tremor doesn't make you weak in the knees a little. It's an eerie feeling hearing the rumble approaching even when you don't feel the bump.
Wed 5 Dec - Below - Yesterday with the rain, most people were housebound. We ventured out for a drive around the villages. We saw houses and chickens, not much else. For more Click Here
Left - Italy anyone? It's very romantic watching the boats pass by Ithaki on their way to Italy, especially during the winter when there is little to do on the island. It's no wonder so many locals decided to take a trip at this time of year. Others like myself, are simply content enjoying what winter on Ithaca offers, relaxation, quiet and dramatic views and storms. It's also a great time to spend with friends and relatives. No one is distracted or suffering from the dreaded Summer twitch (people talking to you, but constantly looking at everything new that pops up around them, ie. passing traffic, person walking, man eating an ice-cream etc. etc) Personally I love this time of year on Ithaca. It's intimate and very comfortable.
It's also worth noting that although we've experienced some very heavy storms and winds, the electricity is still on and the phone lines are still working. I pray I'm not talking too soon here, but for now everything is going smoothly. We've had power cuts that last a second before a relay kicks in, but that's been the extent of it. Still it's a good idea to unplug electrical equipment during a storm. Too many components get fried when there are lightning strikes on the island.
Right - When storms passed over Ithaca last night, the lightning strikes turned night in (almost) day. Today the skies are clear again, but it's definitely a little cooler than before.
Fri 7 Dec - Below - Many years ago, before the north of Ithaki had its own football ground, this flat patch of earth in Lahos, along with the Platrithia village square, were where young northern lads gathered to kick a ball around.
Left - Eder Cardoso sends a Christmas card to Ithaki. Some of you may remember Eder as the dance instructor on the island a couple of years ago, teaching Ithakis school children dance and also putting on a special performance, presented by Vathys own Dimitris Danis, in which Eders students and himself were featured. Click here for a reminder
Sat 8 Dec - Below - A warm fire, a big Christmas tree and some hot soup at Yefuri was comforting medicine on a chilly night. Teachers, Councilors, restaurateurs and general locals huddled up.
It's been fine and beautiful weather the past 2 days on the island, ideal for walks and views, so CLICK HERE to see some more of them. You'll see just how green the island has become after a few weeks of rain on and off. No chickens today, just lush, green Ithaki under a winter sun and sky.
Right - Nek 'what the heck' takes his favourite girl out to dinner. No it's not Poppy or Barbie. You just never know what locals get up to in the winter. Seems blondes do really have more fun. No wonder the best selling hair product in the world is peroxide.
Although Rementzo in Frikes is closed over the holidays (now we know why) Liberty in Vathy will be open over the Christmas/New Year.
News of Liberty opening up again for the holidays came straight from the owners mouths. Omiros and Nikos are tucked away in the far right corner. Liberty has made quite a name for itself since opening a couple of years ago. Omiros who is also the Council member for Tourism and head honcho at Polyctor Tours has had opportunity to enliven Ithaki a little in the winter with enticing Easy Cruise tours into our bays. Below Left - Aki Vasilopoulos, photographer/IT (a little blurred by a moving glass) is back on Ithaki after his temporary relocation to Paris and his usual travels, but not for long. He's heading to the States for work shortly, but not until he takes some more photographs of Ithaki. We'll have a link to his fine works shortly on the Artists page so keep your eye out. Below Right - Dimos, Ithakis favourite Drummer and generally all around nice guy. Dimos is often featured at the Panighiris working his sticks. We hear that Dimos has some friends in Canada, so Hi to Dimos friends in Canada. Actually, Hi to everyone who logs in. Hope to meet more of you all in the future and thank you for your support! ithacagreece is heading into its 5th year thanks to you all.

Merry Christmas

and a Happy New Year
To all our family, friends and customers
Sun 9 Dec - Left - Poppy and Nektarios have a lot to celebrate this month besides Christmas, their daughters 3rd birthday and moving into their own house after 5 years of living with parents. We'll forgive them for closing Rementzo this winter, everyone deserves some home time, although the winter music nights with Maki Adrianatos were always a treat. They'll be back again in April however, so don't despair.
Storms and rain overnight and most probably continuing through the day today, no nothing too wild. A cosy Sunday.
If you have family or friends on the island from whom you'd like an Online Christmas card, please get them to contact me and I'll publish it. I'd like to put everyone on, but that would be a lot of door knocking. There are no favourites here. Whoever wants one gets one.
Thu 13 Dec - Above Right and Below - A very green Polis Bay. Looking pretty fantastic this time of year. Right - Maria and Maki wish all their friends from all over the world a happy festive season.
Below - Fishing boats in Polis bay. Below Right - Views across to the Mainland as bad weather headed in from the west. There's been sunshine, rain, hail, sunshine, storms.
Traditionally Ithacans decorate boats in the harbours with lights, but basically there are no boundaries, even Palm trees get the Christmas treatment.
As expected, the weather and the number of modems made available by OTE for our region are playing devil with internet connections again. ADSL can't come soon enough. Apparently, although we don't have it yet, we will be getting it, but first they need to install new equipment. We're not holding our breath.

Left - This rainbow landed right outside my front door. Could have walked to the pot of gold. Below - With Christmas only a couple of weeks away, the villages are lit up with all sorts of Christmas spirit. Nearly every house and shop is twinkling in the black of night.

Sat 15 Dec - It's getting cold folks! Snow overnight towards Anoghi way. Not much, it melted by mid morning, but the temps are dropping and in my humble opinion, we will have enough snow on Ithakis peaks this winter to build a decent snow man. More rain overnight and distant thunder rumbles, occasionally the power would go off, depending on the grid, but nothing drastic. Spoke too soon about Otenet, it's back to waiting... and waiting... and more waiting.

If any of you have been wondering what has happened to the previous Mayor of Ithaki, Tilemahos Karavias, I can tell you he is Editor for a great little newsheet on Ithaki, called Ithakos. Relevant articles and coloured pics, a little like the winter pages, but with more political and community news. The 7th Edition is just out. If you're an Ithacan overseas who has maintained the Greek language skills, you may like to subscribe to it. You can email - .

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