Winter on Ithaca
2007 - 2008
The sights and the views around all the villages of Ithaca during Winter 2007 - 2008. Vathy Perahori Marathia Dexa Aetos Piso Aetos Hani Anoghi Lefki Stavros Kalivia Pilakata Exoghi Platrithia Ag. Sarantas Afales Lahos Frikes Raxi Kioni
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It's a rare occurrence to see the usually calm waters in the port of Patras, tossed around and heaving over the breakers. By early evening, the skies were beginning to clear and the winds, although still very strong, had dropped enough to let boats head out to sea again. With this cold front sweeping through the country, the temperatures have dropped quite considerably. Scarf and hat time again.
Sat 10 Nov Cont - Black skies and high winds from Athens to Patra from the early morning until evening. In 230 km around 10 rainbows.
Trees fallen on cars, advertising slogans blowing in the wind with Billboards uprooted, snow in the north, cars eaten by a raging sea and black skies from one end of Greece to the other. The Kefalonia ferry which usually only makes one trip on Saturdays, stayed put in Vathy Bay and won't be leaving the dock again until tomorrow. With most ferries grounded due to the 10 force winds, there were plenty of people wandering around Patras looking for a place to stay.
Above - Port of Patras

Tomorrow colder temps and more rain is to continue, but hopefully the seas will be calm enough for The Kefalonia to travel. If not, it will be another day in Patras.

Sun 11 Nov - Blue skies all around again today, you'd never have guessed that the day before was all doom and gloom. Before we get back to Ithaki, let's look around the bayside of Patras. Below - Taking in some sights in Patras while waiting for the ferry back to Ithaki. During the summer, many have a little wait in Patras and other than looking around the center, have little idea that on the outskirts of this port town, are seasides that are picture book perfect. West of Patras to Vrachnaika, only around 10 mins from Patra center, the locals were cleaning up after yesterdays high winds, some even rescuing sunken boats. Seaweed, stones and rubble were washed up on the roads along the bayside.


Although the temperatures have dropped quite dramatically, at least one person in Patras (as seen in above photo) still believes it's swimming weather, while below right, a local gets in up to his knees, while pulling his boat out of the bay after it was submerged by the crashing waves that rumbled and crashed onto the shore yesterday.

Left - Patras Port with the mountains in the distance already covered in snow on their peaks.
Mon 12 Nov - Some sad news for Ithaca this Winter is, that due to beaurocratic reasons, there will be no Cinema in Vathy. Hopes are this circumstance will change, but for now it's movies on the tele instead.
The high winds of Saturday reaked havoc on Ithaki. The island received a 12 hour non-stop battering with 10 force winds that had the sea coming all the way to some of the buildings on the bay road in Vathy on the stretch just away from the Square which is more exposed. Trees came down and power went out. One property in Ag Sarantas had the wire snapped from the building and was left sparking on the ground over night. When it was understood the wire was 'live', it was much appreciated that the police aided in contacting a DEH worker (not usually available on Sundays) to disconnect the power to the house for fear of someone getting electrocuted while taking their dog for a walk.
Aetos beach had the pebbles replaced with inches of seaweed and rubbish after the storm. It's been said that winds of this speed have never passed through Ithaca before. It's not something anyone here wants to go through again.
Piccolo Eatery in Vathy has Emanuel back as chef on Friday and Saturday nights. You know what that means - some great Asian cooking going on. During the week, I believe Wednesday or Thursday, Piccolo will also be having an Indian food night. Yum.
You may think it unbelievable, but there are still people coming at this time of year, granted, not too many, but some. With many restaurants closed in the various areas of the island, it has become a little more difficult in the north, but the south, as always, is cooking no matter what time of year. Below - A rainbow hugs the slope at the exit of Vathy bay. With some more rain today and over the next week, the island should become the green gem we all know it as, pretty quickly from now on. The wind picked up a little after lunch, but nothing too bad today.
Many gift shops have also closed their doors, but for those looking for something of quality and hand made, there is always something to be found at Dia Heiros or Microcosmos in Vathy. Ithaca has some talented people living on the island. Left - A piece of handmade jewellery from Microcosmos by Amalia. Her shop can be found on the bay road next door to the Cake shop just before Drakouli Cafe. Amalia and her gift and jewellery shop will be joining in the very near future, so keep tuned.
...when the bough breaks  
Left - Branches snapping from trees was just one of conseuquences of the high winds last Saturday. Around the village, some dry stone walls were also damaged.
Right - View over Polis Bay toward Kefalonia, looking very religiously inspiring. You can see why the myths weigh so heavily on the existence of the gods in the heavens.
Below Left - It's olive picking time. The weather over the past week has made this annual harvest a little on and off.
Left - Zambelis Avin Gas Station near the Vathy High School has had a face-lift. It's looking very slick and envorinmentally friendly (if there is such a thing in regard to petrol stations). See Babbi and Maria for your auto needs. They're eager to give good service.
We're already almost mid way through November and heading for Christmas. Whatever happened to the days where Christmas was always too far away? Now it seems Christmas happens in succession, one after the other. I still haven't wished every Merry Christmas from last year.
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