Winter on Ithaca
2007 - 2008
The sights and the views around all the villages of Ithaca during Winter 2007 - 2008. Vathy Perahori Marathia Dexa Aetos Piso Aetos Hani Anoghi Lefki Stavros Kalivia Pilakata Exoghi Platrithia Ag. Sarantas Afales Lahos Frikes Raxi Kioni
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Wed 14 Nov - The early morning was a little drizzly, then the sun came out and by mid afternoon, the skies darkened ready for more rain around the island.
Above Left - Just one of the beautiful traditional buildings along the bay road of Vathy in the south of Ithaki, home to Mylos Creperie. Above Right - Sotiris Church in Stavros in the north of the island.
There may or may not be cinema nights this winter, but for the movie buffs you can still go to the cinema every Tuesday night at 9.30 pm for the DVD club, when movie enthusiasts project some great movies on DVD onto the cinema screen. If you're up to having company and don't want to sit alone infront of the tele, then head to the cinema every Tuesday.
Above Left - Vathy on Wednesday morning. Above Right - The hills of Stavros around Russano.
Above Left - The road to Anoghi from Stavros where we pass by Alikis Lingerie, Soris Creperie, Laertes Farm Fruit shop, Odysseas Supermarket and the Bakery for some fresh wood oven baked bread. Above Right - The empty streets of Kioni, still beautiful even without the summer rush. Right - Avra Restaurant or Koronis as the Kioni locals know it, isn't open for lunch and dinners now for the winter, but it's still a regular place to hang out for some of the locals. Avra was the first restaurant I ever ate Pastichio in back in '83. Aphrodite, Costa, Nina, Pano and Dimitri still around after all these years and still one of the most popular restaurants in Kioni.
Sat 17 Nov - Yesterday, the day started with sunshine and blue skies, but by 4.30pm, the afternoon sky became black as night when a cluster of thunderous storms began to pass over the Ionian, putting on a spectacular light show that lasted for hours. Strong wind gusts sent sheets of rain over roof tops like rushing waves. The rain was so strong, gutters barely managed the flow. The power went on and off with each lightning strike, but did last it out to keep Ithaki lit for the night.
Left - Porto Creperie on the bay road in Vathy. Dimitris Danis new place of employment since moving from Piccolo. As Dimitri has quite a large fan base on ithaki, we can't let people roam the streets looking for him, now can we.
Right - Karamela Cafe opposite the ferry stop in Vathy, will be keeping the locals toasty warm again this winter with its usual raging fire and great Mezes. We may also be lucky enough to have some more music nights coming from this corner of the bay.
October and November means Olive picking time in Greece. Above - Picking in Lefki. Right - Picking in Stavros.
Black skies, sheets of rain, spectacular lightning strikes and roaring thunder entertained Ithacans yesterday from the afternoon and through the night as one storm front passed over after another.
Mon 19 Nov - We've had some wild weather over the past week, and although it's been quite dramatic, Ithaki has done quite well in comparison to other regions around Greece where flooding and other distastes have turned the lives of Communities upside down. There is something to be said for living on one of the smallest islands in Greece. Rain easily flows directly into the sea instead of into our living rooms. Sure, a few tree branches have snapped under the weight of the storms that have passed through, rain may even have got in under the doors while pelting directly onto north facing houses, but apart from some superficial havoc, Ithaca is in one piece...and still the rain keeps falling. After last years very mild winter with little rain, most are happy that the cisterns are getting full. The mountain Springs will also be replenished after the down-pours, that's good for everyone. It's forecast that temps will be dropping further this week, and today, there was already a big chill in the air. Soon we'll be looking across to Kefalonia and the mainland seeing snow on the mountain tops. We may even get some in Anoghi this year, hopefully enough to throw a few snow balls or build a little snow man. Meanwhile, the skies on Ithaki vary between blue in the morning and black in the afternoon.
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Left - In winter, Ithaki doesn't see too many visitors, so when a couple do come upon the island, they are easily distinguishable from the locals. It's not often we get to meet anyone new during this time, let alone a Condensed Matter Physicist - Miklos, originally from Transylvania, and the City Curator for the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia - Sonia. Sonia has been to Ithaca a couple of times before, but for Miklos, it's his first time.
Sonia, who lives in Canberra Australia and Miklos who is currently living in Germany where he works, are here for just one short week catching up with eachother and with friends Mr. and Mrs. Spavento.
Tue 20 Nov - The rains had to stop one day and today was the day. What a brilliant day around the island. Blue, blue skies and crystal clear views wheverever you looked. Above Left - Vathy from Matzarata. Above Right - Easy Cruise ferry in Vathy Harbour. Yes, Easy don't just have jets, but boats too, bringing visitors to Ithaki in the off Season. Below - Dexa Bay just north of Vathy town. Brilliant colour today, not at all captured well by the digital eye. Calm waters, warm sunshine... Just stunning.
Above Left - Aetos Bay with the island of Atakos and the Mainland in the distance. Above Right - View from the area of Hani (Chani) looking over to Kefalonia. Left - Looking down onto the very picturesque village of Ag. Ioannis with it's pristine aqua waters. Ag. Ioannis also faces Kefalonia.
Winter on the Ionian island of Ithaca 2007
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