It seems no matter how many parades I attend on this beautiful island of ours, I never get tired of them. There's always something or someone that makes me smile and reminds me of just how lucky we all are to live on Ithaki. Greece has a passionate history that involves and embraces all who inhabit this land, and although Ithaki is just a tiny corner of this country, it holds more than its share of this passion. The passion is in the souls of both young and old, it radiates from within everyone, regardless of their political leaning or their social standing. Ithaca seems to bring everyone to the same level, a level made even with the love the inhabitants of Ithaki have for the island that is known the world over as the Gem of the Ionian, a place that holds the dreams and hopes of so many who live or visit here. The Oxi Day Parade celebrates not only the momentus day in history when 'NO' turned into an affirmative action, but also the continuing strong Will of Ithacans.

This year Spyros Arsenis gave the OXI Day speech, rousing Ithacans with pride.

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