Easter Sunday 2012 was spent with various families in the north of Ithaca. I thank them sincerely for letting me share their celebrative day with you all. We started in Exoghi with the Fatouros family, then to the Skoros family and Karantzis family in Kioni, onto the Karantzis and Vlassopoulos family in Raxi and then the Vasilopoulos and Pagoulatos family in Stavros.

The forecast had threatened rain for the day so locals prepared for the worst and set up their spit roasts under cover. Despite the rain and hail overnight, it actually turned out to be an almost weather-fine day. Apart from the windchill, the sun was warm and Spring didn't end up raining on this parade.

What was actually really wonderful to see was that parts of the communities partied up together which made for a really traditional atmosphere, despite the garage or make-shift kitchens prepared for the bad weather.

Left - In Exoghi, this has got to be one of the best views on the island. Who wouldn't enjoy Easter looking over Afales bay and beyond.

Below - Nikos Karantzis who many would know from Mylos Creperie is now a proud father. Although he spent his Easter in the south, he did venture up to have a little meze with his brother George and family.

Left - Niko and Stathi from the Skoros family always make us feel completely welcome. This year they took their Easter into a nearby garage to spit roast several lambs. Their local community joined them.

Below - George Karantzis from Spavento Bar in Kioni, hams it up for the camera. He may not wear the skirt in the family, but has no problem wearing the apron...for Easter of course. This year the apron looks best as head-dress. Below Left - Dionisis Karantzis took his Easter down to the Skoros family to celebrate with his local community.

Left - It's not unusual for occasional locals to be invited to Easter Sunday lunches by permanent locals. Everyone gets to have a good time. This year Cynthia and Nicholas joined the Raxi Karantzis family.

Above - Anna Vlass from Melbourne (left) has had many years between Easters on Ithaca. This year her visit included the holiday which she spent with the Vlassopoulos and Karantzis family from Raxi. It wasn't long before the dancing began. Below - The Vasilopoulos and Pagoulatos, known for their generosity when it comes to inviting visitors who they have become acquainted with over the years, put on another huge spread this year. I believe there were around 32 people for lunch. At this lunch there were Australians, French, Columbian, British, Greek, German and Dutch. It's always an interesting a fun day, but when it comes to washing the dishes...

Easter Sunday 2012
Thank you to all the wonderful people who welcomed us into their home so that we can share Greek Easter with all of you.