Independence Day Friday 25th March 2016

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It was a dubious start to Independence Day, with rainy weather right up until about 1 hour before the celebrations were to start. Again, I tried to get in as much as I could of the Stavros parade, but was told everyone going to Vathy had already gone awhile ago, so seeing as last year, the funny timetable between north and south meant I missed out on both, I made a decision this year it would be Vathy and next year Stavros.

I did get a few pics from Stavros on my way through to Vathy. Looked like a happy and decent turn out again, despite the weather. Independence Day is a milestone celebration on the Greek events calendar. Both young and old hold this day in high esteem, giving it the respect a nation gives to the memory of when freedom for a people was achieved. I guess it will be some time before that happens again.

All the school children get dressed up in the traditional dress of the time and then before the parade, take part in the liturgy commemorating the time.

The church service was almost over by the time I got to Vathy and the crowd was building, ready for the speeches and the annual parade to honour this day.

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