Artists of Ithaca

Photograph by Erika Bach  

Klara Koitler
German born Painter who has lived on Ithaca since 1979.
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Klara lives in Sarakiniko, the area originally inhabited by a German commune in the 70s, in the south Ithaca for most of the time, but has her Studio is in the mountain village of Exoghi in the north of the island, where she paints two days per week. She finds the natural and traditional village environment calm and inspiring. Klara has exhibited her works since 1997. You can visit her webiste for contact and exihibition and purchase details.

Ester Van Zuylen
Born in The Hague, Netherlands. 1951 and has lived, worked and painted on Ithaca since 2004. Click on arrows to see photos or allow slide show.

Since living in Greece, on the Ionian island of Ithaki. Part of her childhood was spent in North and South America and Asia. This had an influence on her work.
She studied to become an art teacher and graduated in 1975. Teaching art (handicrafts and drawing) at schools and art-centres took up most of my time. Later she felt the need to expand her possibilities. She did additional courses in figure and portrait drawing, clay sculpture and silkscreen printing. Then started to paint with oils and acrylics, and had her first exhibitions.

Living on Ithaca island, surrounded by nature, is her biggest inspiration. What also interests her is the symbolic and spiritual aspect of art from every part of the world and of all times. By using symbolic images she tries to find the connection between cultures, past and present, universal and individual symbolism. Mythical archetypes, animals and forces of nature are my subjects.

When Ester first came to Ithaki she painted images from folklore, nature and history on rounded pebbles. She also made hanging sculptures from natural materials that she found during her walks. Her fascination with geometry and light resulted in a few small mandala-like paintings. Lately Ester's attention has been drawn to icons, and the role they play in present and past Greek religion. Next to organizing walking tours and painting, she also designs and makes signs for many purposes.



Headcharge 777 is a self produced project recorded on the island of Ithaca Greece by Demetri Vlass..

Demetri  Vlass  is a composer /singer that embraces the styles of many genres  creating a unique style. A hybrid  of psychedelic rock, punk, indie and garage. Demetri creates soundscapes  with a pop sensibility.  A founding member and co writer of hard candy (Melbourne Australia) , with music publishing and 5 album releases.  With many years of live performance behind him Demetri now concentrates on creating music that inspires. Creating  soundscapes  and compositions that reflect his thoughts.


Catherine Andrews Rombotis

Paintings in oil and acrylic. Art studio in Platrithia, North Ithaca, opposite Yefuri Restaurant.

Catherine is inspired by the views and colours of Ithaca. Landscapes and Impressionism with Ithaki hues guiding her brush.


book trailer

Gash Productions are Erika Back (Ithaki) and Barry Snaith (UK). Video and Music Production. Book Trailers, Video Trailers, Music Trailers, Music video editing and production, and much more. Click Here for further information about Gash Productions. See Book Trailers below.




"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep."

by Scott Adams

Jessica Bell

If Jessica Bell could choose only one creative mentor, she'd give the role to Euterpe, the Greek muse of music and lyrics. This is not only because she currently resides in Athens, Greece, but because of her life as a 30-something Australian-native contemporary fiction author, award-winning poet and singer/songwriter/guitarist, whose literary inspiration often stems from songs she's written.

She started as a poet, drawing from her musical background and etching her thoughts and feelings into verse. Those stanzas soon turned into sentences and paragraphs, and eventually into published books. Her literary voice is said to overflow with "lyrical descriptions, unique metaphors, tight dialogue, and an abundance of sensory detail." She has also been told she has the ability to take a seemingly ordinary three-chord type story and turn it into a main stage event.

In addition to her four novels, two poetry collections (including Fabric, which was nominated for the Goodreads Choice Awards in 2012), and her bestselling pocket writing guides (Writing in a Nutshell Series), she has published a variety of works in online and print literary journals and anthologies, including Australia’s Cordite Review, Writer’s Digest, and the anthologies 100 Stories For Queensland and From Stage Door Shadows, both released through Brisbane, Australia's, eMergent Publishing.

One of Jessica's proudest moments was when, in November 2013, her poem, Sugar (which was published in a poetry anthology called Women’s Work, edited by Libby Hathorn) was broadcast on ABC National Radio’s Poetica program.

Jessica Bell is the Publisher of Vine Leaves Press, the Coordinator of the Writing Day Workshops which take place throughout the United States and in the UK, and she makes a living as an editor/writer for English Language Teaching publishers worldwide, such as Pearson Education, HarperCollins, Macmillan Education, Education First and Cengage Learning.

Jessica is also a musician. In late 2016 Jessica joined the Greek electronica outfit, Keep Shelley In Athens, as singer and contributing songwriter. You can discover her music here:


lola demo

lola demo (Erika Bach) moved to Ithaca in 2002 after having been a regular visitor to the island for many years. Her relocation gave birth to her music project, lola demo, with which she writes, records and engineers an album every year, inspired by the events of that year. Erika Bach also makes her own videos for her tracks. Her latest video 'Feed The Machine', released early 2015, was made up of film clips sent to her from around the world after sending out a message via facebook for contributors.

Since starting lola demo, Erika Bach has gathered a strong and loyal fan base, evident in her Soundcloud tracks which have over 700,000 plays.

Erika Bach is also a photographer and Real Estate agent on Ithaca.

Artists of Ithaca

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