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Full Moon Dancing

Produced and Directed by

Dimitris Danis

at the Dormitory Vathy, Ithaca Greece.

August 19th 2005

Under the direction of Dimitris Danis and through weeks of rehearsal, Dimitri with Eder turned the  girls into a dedicated troop of Performers. Dimitris Danis watched as the girls blossomed under the instruction and choreography of Eder Cardoso to see his vision of Full Moon Dancing come to life.

The Rehearsal...

Full Moon Dancing    Dormitory    Rehearsal    Backstage 

The Performance

Full Moon Dancing    Dormitory    Rehearsal    Backstage     The Performance

After weeks of rehearsal at the Vathy Gymnasium, Dimitris Danis prepares the troop for the stage

Eder Cardoso, Loula Kostiri and the girls in the chorus line pound the boards while they get ready for the big night.  Dimitris Danis gives his stage direction  to make certain everything proceeds just right for this one off performance of Tilemahos Karavias' poems about the bitter/sweet taste of love.

Full Moon Dancing