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Anastasia and Steve get married on Ithaca
Tuesday 3rd July 2007
John and Peggy Palmer and George and Spyridoula Coutsouvelis would like you to share in the celebration of Steves' and Anastasias' wedding day on the Greek Island of Ithaki, where Anastasia has her Greek roots.
The early evening wedding allowed the sun to set just a little in the sky, throwing a golden glow over the ceremony.

Around 60 invited guests from Melbourne, Australia and Ithaca, awaited the wedding party at the church in Platrithia, where Papas Babbis (Kionis' Greek Orthodox Priest) prepared to join Steve and Anastasia in marriage.


Although Steve, his family and friends are not Greek, they were well rehearsed in the ritual of a Greek Wedding.

For the reception, it was off to Rementzo Restaurant in Frikes, where Poppy and Nektarios closed their restaurant on the bayside for the Wedding Party.

The guests from Australia seemed genuinely thrilled with the Greek Wedding experience and took no time to get into the swing of things. Relatives from Ithaca, were equally thrilled for the happy couple and their families, and pleased to be part of their special day on Ithaca.

Stavros Delaportas (below Left) was photographer for the day and also guitarist in the Wedding Band, along with Dimo (below right), Maki and Maki Andrianatos (center), Ithakis veteran party musician.


By nightfall, everyone was in the mood to party, so the minute the dancing began with the newly weds, the rest of the party began to trip the light fantastic... and they danced all night.

The speeches, as expected were power-packed with emotion, happiness and tears.

Congratulations to Steve and Anastasia who were married on Ithaca Tuesday 3rd July 2007

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