Tribute to Strato Dionysiou
Saturday 4th August 2007 at the Garden Theatre in Vathy, Ithaca Greece

Stratos Dionysiou 1935 - 1990, was born in Nigrita, Serres Prefecture, to Asia Minor refugees, Angelos and Stasa Dionysiou. His life took him through working as a tailor in Thessaloniki to singing in nightclubs, marriage, 4 children, moving to Athens and becoming a recording artist on Columbia Records, where in the late 60's, he turned several Akis Panos songs into hits that would etch him into the memory of the Greek people all over the world. A 2-year prison sentence for weapon and drug-related charges even saw him recording in Tyrintha prison, Argolis. After his release in 1976, Stratos continued his musical career with a lighter more modern and western style for which he also became very popular with the younger generation. Today his sons, Stelios and Angelos, continue his dream by touring Stratos Dionysiou Tribute around Greece.


Fimios Presents

Tribute to Strato Dionysiou

The concert began with Stratos Dionysiou on film, his image placed high over the stage for everyone to see, singing some of his greatest hits during the time of his life as Laiko singer. From the first note, the audience began to sing along. His voice and his image, bringing back the years gone by.
Stratos Dionysiou sons, Angelos and Stelios, each renowned for their own musical careers in Greece, stood proud in the memory of their father to whom they are paying tribute with a tour around the country. An excellent band supported them, giving Kefi to the performance to make the night one of the most enjoyable this year. A completely professional night, but with the added benefit of being as comfortable as sitting in your own living room. Song by song, Stelios and Angelos took the audience along the journey that was the musical life of Strato Dionysiou.
Summer concerts on Ithaca

Stratos Dionysiou would have been proud to watch his sons honour him through his songs with such respect and passion.

Stelios and Angelos Dionyiou - Saturday 4th August 2007 at the Garden Theatre in Vathy, Ithaca
Fimios Ithakis Presentation - President - Avra Gavanozi
No minders, no pushy stage crew, just ordinary people with talent and a passion for music, embracing Ithaca and inviting it to join in the tradition that is Laiko (Folk) music. Music for the people, about the people and their environment. Lyrics and music that reflect the times of a generation from the 60's to the 80's, still relevant today.

ithacagreece.com wants to thank the Ithaki Council and Fimios Ithakis for the opportunity to attend the Summer concerts on Ithaca

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