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Road Trip - Ithaca to the Peleponnese October 2008
People either love or hate road trips. Yes, there's alot of driving and not enough time at each stop, but it's a great way to be impressed quickly and easily, just what our pop culture has fostered in many of us. The Peleponnese have a wealth of impressive landscapes and ever changing views in this small area in the south of Greece. No matter how many times you go through this area, there is always something new to see. The mountains are either lush or barren, the light changes by the hour and the small local roads hide a wealth of beauty and tradition along them. This road trip takes us from Ithaca to Patras and then just out of Diakofto on the mainroad between Patras and Corinth, we take the scenic route through the mountains up to Kalavrita, one of Greeces' winter holiday spots for snow boarders and skiers. From there we wind through to Mega Spilion, The Lake Caves, Klitoria, Nafplion, Epidavros, Sparti, Monemvasia, The Mani, Koroni, Methoni, Pylos, Nestors Palace, Kiparissa and back to Patras to catch the ferry back to Ithaki.
Nafplion is a beautiful coastal town, once the Capital of Greece, now a weekend spot that Athenians escape to. The Old Town has a great atmosphere with many special restaurants and some interesting shopping possibilities, but the dominant feature is the Castle which overlooks the city below.

One of the most worthwhile places to visit in the Peleponnese is Monemvasia. Staying inside the Castro is a real treat. All the accommodations are restored Byzantian houses, furnished authentically. The prices are very reasonable. No cars, no bikes... donkeys collect the rubbish and carry building materials in and out of the Castro and all the roads are cobbled stone.


The Epidavros Theatre is amazing, but the restorations of the rest of this Site are a little disappointing. They make this ancient site resemble a replica that is all too obviously newly made.


You are seriously transported back in time the minute you pass through the Castle arch into Monemvasia.
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