. Anoghi Panighiri - Panaghias Friday 14th August 2009
I know I write the same thing for nearly every festival on Ithaca about the Big Kefi (Good cheer), but you only have to look at the faces of those who joined in the fun to see just how right I am. The Anoghi Panighiri has a great traditional feel and atmosphere, which makes locals and visitors just beam ear to ear with joy. The temperature was mild and just perfect for dancing, the community went all out with great food and lots to drink and the band played their hearts out for their last gig of the season. What I personally love about the Panighiri is that young and old all come with the same intention - to have fun for as many hours as they can.

The Mayor of Ithaca, Mr. Vasilopoulos (Above Left) is also a proud Anoghi community member.

Ithacan festivals are a melting pot of so many cultures and nationalities, many times mixed with Ithacan, drinking, eating and dancing together.

It's no wonder everyone that visits our shores keeps coming back over and over. The friendly locals and traditional events make a big part of the Ithacan attraction. If you still want more pics, then click page 2 below.

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