. Stavros Panighiri - Sotiros 5th August 2009
The Community cooked up Souvlaki and served Greeces' favourite salad to raise funds for the Communal Kitty.
The wind blew and the temp was a little cooler than previous nights, there was also a little more room to move than usual, but the Stavros Panighiri was packed with good cheer and people wanting to have a great time.

This year there were many more street vendors set up along the Stavros strip. It made for a very colourful village. Favourite sons returned, parents, children and grandparents reunited and despite the wind, everything was good with the world. I don't think I passed a single table where I saw any 'moutro' (a sulky look) Whether they came from Vathy or Kioni, oversees or from down the road in Stavros, everyone seemed to have extremely good cheer for the first night of Sotiros 2009. Want more pics? Then click on Page 2 below.

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