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Wednesday 9th - The nights are just a little bit cooler, but not enough to keep people from eating along the bayside. Below L - R - Jessica with her sister Allison, Demetri, Adrian, Sharon and 'once upon a time company rep - Paul or Ian whichever takes your fancy. This lad is very flexible in regard to his name.
Above and below - Raxi views. Raxi, the village just above Kioni, has some wonderful and traditional views across the northern tip of Ithaki.
Attikos and Mainland Greece in the distance.
Left - Yes, your eyes are not failing you, we have Boule on Ithaki...on Polis Beach as a matter of fact. And if you thought this game was for the old, think again while you take a look at the strapping young lads curling their wrists to toss this ball onto the pebbles. Trust Lucky to keep the boys entertained between swims.
Saturday 12th - Easy going on the island right now. All the working locals look relaxed enough to be on holiday themselves. We have walkers and cyclists, nature lovers and yachters, all feeling the benefit of September on Ithaca.
Starting Monday 14th of September at the Cultural Center in Vathy, is the 11th International Symposium on the Odyssey. The Symposium ends Saturday 19th September and will see both Greek and International Speakers lecture on the subject of the Odyssey. Good news for non-Greek speaking people on the island is that the Symposium will be held in both Greek and English, so no one will miss out on the meaning of this very prestigious Symposium. On Tuesday 15th, Ithaki gives the anticipated Odyssey award to some very special people. Get along and become just a little more educated on the Myths, the texts, the epics and the ancient artwork.
Sunday 13th - Rain predicted for all over Greece today, including Ithaki. Let's see if the prediction is right today. Right - Little fishes in the sea. Below - Around the Kioni windmills. It's only a short walk from Cemetery beach to the windmills and the cape.
Everyday over the past few days, the weather map has shown rain in the area, but it seems our little micro-climate has us protected from bad weather so far. I'm sure we'll get some in the next couple of days, but for now the skies are continuously clearing of cloud.
Tuesday 15th - Right and below - Marmaka. It pains me to say that one of Ithakis' natural wonders is beginning to resemble an unnatural disaster.
Left - The view down onto the village of Exoghi from the road to Pinnerakia, where the bell tower awaits the ringing of the bell.
In my personal opinion, dumped rubbish and bad land clearing are beginning to impact adversely on the area. I remember when the beach was blue marble, stone to stone and the fields behind the beach had shady retreats for everyone. The rains finally arrived yesterday. Nothing too bad, even had blue sky breaks and sunshine inbetween, and if the weather forecast is correct, then today the skies should clear and reach the wonderful temperature of 29C. In the pic below you'll notice that Marmaka goats drink sea water. They breed them tough here.

Ithaki is noticeably quieter now. Seems it almost happened overnight that the streets are again free of traffic and the baysides are less populated at dinner time.
Dimitris Danis and Tomi Dendrinou are deep in practice for the performance of 'In the Garden of Medea', a John Stuart Anderson play, which will see them participating in the Artists for Peace held in Turkey in October this year. A great honour and opportunity for Ithakis own Entrepreneur and one of the islands talented actresses.
September 2009 on Ithaca Island
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