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Saturday 8th - A full day of rain yesterday and almost instantly the island is looking very lush again. Today it was sunny skies, but with a noticeable drop in temperature. I think our Indian Summer is over. It's family time on Ithaca in the villages. Olives are always picked with more ease when everyone lends a hand.
Sunday 9th - Seems like the Frikes to Marmaka road is back on again. There's rock breaking, breaking the winter silence, but little complaint this time around. Many businesses have shut their doors in Frikes so unless Symposium or Piperato restaurants mind the noise, it will go on through winter I guess (unless it rains alot). The walking path that once led to Marmaka bay is now mostly covered in mountain rubble and that is a shame for the walkers on the island, but like everything else, we'll all be used to the change soon enough.
As I write, a pink light is falling over the mountain sides as the sun begins to set, and a silver moon appears in a sky not quite ready for night just yet.

Tuesday 11th - There is a definite change in the air over the past few days. The sun is still shining (mostly), but as soon as it goes down, there's a winter chill in the air. Heaters are being turned on and open fires, lit. cosy times ahead.

A note on the optic fibres being laid around Ithaca. Yes, the road is being dug up in places, but the workmen doing it are extremely tidy. I don't think that the road from Vathy to Lefki has ever been swept so thoroughly before. Thumbs up to the crew.

Costa K kindly contributed a couple of photos. Left - While on a walk around the northern island in the off season, he came across archaeologists brushing down a 'find'. Sorry no other info than that the 'find' was at Homers School near Filitou. Bottom Left - Ithacas footballers get ready to go head to head. Unfortunately the northern team (Odysseas) has already lost 2 matches. Better luck next time boys!

Right - Many of you know Yiannis face. He's been your taxi driver or your host at Yiannis Taverna in Stavros. Well, this year may have been the end of his taxi driving career due to retirement, but his olive picking days are far from over.

Above Right - Even in November, the water still looks inviting enough for a swim. Minimata beach, near Skinos looked idyllic this morning. I was tempted to dive in.

Above left - That's NOT my cigarette...oh, and that's not enough rope to hang myself either.

Right - Astakos island looks like it's floating mid air over Kioni Bay. What a sight. Ithaca gets greener and greener each day, and with more rain expected over the next few days, we'll soon have the lush paradise we're so accustomed to during the winter months.

Sunday 16th - Storms, wind and lots of rain over the past 2 days. Winter has finally caught up with Ithaki, but inbetween the rain, there was also a good splash of blue sky, heavily scented with burning olive branches.

Bottom Left photo - Still much olive picking going on around the island. In the south there many large groves, making alot of olive oil.

Bottom Right photo - The Mylos crew put on another Saturday night in Vathy for the young locals. Good music, a beverage and a chocolate crepe? Hmmm.

Road works are big on Ithaca this winter with the Frikes - Marmaka road and the cables being laid under the main road from Vathy to Kioni. The main road has now been dug to the perimeter of Lefki. That's alot of digging.
Monday 17th - Right - When it rains in the villages, everything stops. Not a sound other than the rain and the heavy clouds passing...oh and a few birds chirping. Quite nice actually. Looks like it will rain most of today. Storms are rumbling over Lefkada and may pass here.
The Rementzo family have a new addition (Baby Girl) and everyone is very happy about it. The reason Mr. Rementzo isn't in the pic is that he was hanging up the washing.
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