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Thursday 25th - Everyone said the bad weather wouldn't last long, but it has unfortunately for those visiting the island. It's been a full week of threatening skies with rain and storms and a chilly air. The day temperature is quite mild, today a top of 25C, but nights are getting a little chilly with most out and about, wearing long pants and jackets again.

Tuesday 30th - After so much rain this month, the succulents are puffing up and blossoming. It's not only Spring that covers the island in bloom. It doesn't take much rain to make the sunburnt grass sprout with green again either, so there is an up side to the cooler and wetter than usual September we have had.

The island is becoming the sleepy haven we all love in the Winter months, but it's too early for the chilly season, so let's hope the skies clear and temperatures rise again (at least a little) before the real Winter approaches, afterall, it's during this time of year, the locals get their Summer fun because during August, most are too busy working all day and some, working all day and night. Below - Sirens restaurant in Vathy makes the back street corner a picturesque escape. If you've never looked inside, you're in for quite a pleasant suprise, especially for those addicted to naval paraphernalia. If you missed it this year, put it in your 'things to do' list for next year.


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