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The rains caught up with us again yesterday afternoon and seem to be continuing through today. It's quite a bit grey and depressing, nothing really dramatic, just the rainy days the rest of the world usually has. Winter means bugs and viruses and this year a rather nasty stomach bug has already swept through. Tomorrow there will no doubt be parties and reveling around the island. It doesn't seem to matter how many people are left here. If there is an opportunity for a good time, then it's always taken. Right - the Yefyri area of Platrithia is quiet now that Yefuri Restaurant is closed for the winter.
A Happy New Year to All
December Monday 19th - Lots of rain over the past week with a couple of days of very strong winds. The rain is forecast to continue over the next days, but no white christmas. The temperatures are still quite mild for winter. Left - View to Kefalonia from Hani. Below - Christmas decorations in shop windows through frosted glass.
Left - The island of Atikos as seen from the road descending from Hani.
Pot holes in the road and cracks in the pavement make great bird baths. Seem to be more of our feathered friends than people around at the moment.
Tuesday 20th - Heavy thunderstorms overnight, and of course rain. The lightning blew the fuses in my house. We lost another phone. There are probably many other instances such as this around the island. The power went off a few times during the night, but all ok again by the morning. Left - Roadside shopping in Vathy. Below - The Council is still working on the drainage around our main town. The water building up in the old drains shows clearly why Vathy gets that smell during summer.
Left - The road out of Lefki. On Thursday, the northern Primary school is putting on its Christmas play at the Stavros town hall. They'll also be raising some money for the school with a bazaar. Get along and enjoy Ithakis young people while they share their Christmas spirit.
Friday 23rd - Last night the Stavros Primary School community put on their annual Christmas play at the town hall. A really great night. The kids were great of course and as always, the teachers and mums made sure everything went smoothly.
  Click Here or on photo Left for more pics of the Stavros Primary School Christmas Play 2011
It's been quite chilly the last few days as you can see by the snow covered mountain tops of the Mainland, but the storms seem to have run their course now. And a good thing too. 2 phones blown out of their sockets, most houses flooded in some for or another and various other damages such as minor landslides (mudslides). This morning started grey, but by lunchtime, the sun had come out and the skies were turning blue again.
Left and Above - Work continues in and around Vathy Square as the drainage problem continues to be rectified. Below Left - View from Hani looking toward the Mainland. Below - The reason the updates have been a little too long inbetween is purely that it's been raining so much there was no opportunity to get out for photos
Left - View toward Sami on Cephalonia taken from the Stavros side of Lefki in the morning. Below Left - Aetos Bay toward the Mainland at lunch time. It was nice to feel the sunshine again.
Tuesday 27th - Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. On Ithaca things are more than quiet. Barely a soul in the street. Many have left the island for the winter, others have left permanently, for those of us left, we're enjoying the peace and beauty of the island in winter. Below - Polis Beach is greening up.
Below - Piso Aetos port is still undergoing works as we head toward a bigger and better port for our arrivals to Ithaca.
Wednesday 28th - Another fine day today with lots of sunshine. Left - Pilakata looking toward Marmaka. it's so quiet on the island, even the sheep turn around to look at who's disturbing the peace. Below - Walking into Stavros.
Below - Jessica Bell. My daughter and published author. A little blatant advertising for someone I am personally very proud of. Jessica's first novel is now available through Lucky Press USA and of course through all the online places such as Amazon etc. Copies are also available at various book sellers around the world. If you would like to know more about Jessica and/or purchase her novel you can visit her websites by clicking below
To compliment the novel, Jessica has also released a soundtrack 'Melody Hill - On the other side'. Information on where you can get it is also on her websites. I know there are many of you out there who were very fond of Jessica when she used to live on the island and work at Spavento Bar in Kioni, so for those of you wanting to catch up with her again, this is a perfect opportunity. Above Left - Someone hung the globe out to dry through the crisis. Obviously not too pleased with the Euro Region.
Friday 30th - As we say goodbye to 2011 Greece's New Years resolutions will be a mixed bag of desperations for many and more humble ones for others. The word 'prosperity' in todays context will be used a little too liberally, but as long as we possess the internal strengths and hope, I think here on Ithaca, we'll do just fine. Left - Sunset over the Kefalonia Strait with the Fiscardo lights in the distance as seen from the road to Lefki. Below and Below Left - Taking the early ferry now means sleeping in a half hour longer and for those traveling from the north, a closer drive to the port. Things are changing at Piso Aetos port and are already much easier for trucks especially. The 'Kefalonia' ferry is also back for now while the Eptanisos is docked in Patras.
Below Left - Sunrise over Aetos toward Vathy. It's not often when I'm up this early, but although I like my sleep, there are certain benefits to an early rising, for example the wonderful colours Ithaki wakes up to.
Above and Left - Sunrise from Frikes Bay, looking across to Atikos island and the Mainland beyond that. Below - Frikes Windmill behind the town.
Left - Sunrise from the village of Platrithia in the north of Ithaca with Frikes Bay in the distance.
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