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Thursday 6th - HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! Apologies for the absence, but I am quite ill with an affliction which has effected my balance. I am unable to walk, let alone go out and take photos. Today I have finally been able to lift my head without horrible consequences, so hopefully I am on the road to recovery. 2011 Calendar is online today. Easy access to the various Name Days and Special Events through the year.. Today is Epiphany (Throwing the cross into the waters around Ithaki to bless them) I'm not sure if I will be able to attend. Keep your fingers crossed.
Friday 7th - A wonderful weather day yesterday with blue skies all around for most of the day. It was chilly however, especially in Frikes for Epiphany. Frikes doesn't see much sunshine for most of the day, so it's a brave person that manages to dive into the bayside to recover the cross for Epiphany.
Above Left & Above Right - The hardy local boys who braved the very chilly Frikes bay waters to recover the cross. Unfortunately the Epiphany photos were taken from the car as I'm still unable to stand or walk. The attendance seemed a little down this year, but that was expected considering many have left the island over the winter period. The blue skies yesterday were a wonderful sight however, with so many grey days over the past couple of months.
Winter time on Ithaca Island
Wednesday 12th - The skies were turning a little black yesterday, threatening rain in the near future, although none fell yesterday. The island is so quiet you can almost hear a pin drop. Hibernation is in full swing it seems.
School started again this week after the holiday season break. In the north, a gym teacher comes up from the south to teach primary school kids on the weekend. Nothing like a bit of healthy exercise during this time of year to burn up that youthful energy, especially on a rainy day.
Some of the paving put down in Vathy last year is already starting to trip up the locals as it swells and moves out of its safer flat position. There is word from the Council offices that some extensive work on the Vathy Square is imminent, although there are no specific details as to what, how and when just yet. No doubt, paving that doesn't spoil after a season may well be on the list of things to do.
Unfortunately my recovery is progressing very slowly, but I am able to be upright for a little longer each day, meaning I will hopefully be out and about again very soon, at least in the car.
Sunday 9th - Not much to tell from around the island except that the mornings and most days have been quite glorious weather-wise. It's fresh in the mornings and evenings, but through the day the temps have been quite mild.
I'm still not well enough to go traipsing around the island for news and pics, but with the help of a friend, I can at least post something every couple of days.
I'd like to thank everyone for their patience. I haven't been able to update as much as I'd like since becoming ill, but today I did manage to get on my feet again to get around the island (in a car) to take some pics. Thank you to all of you who have sent emails with your best wishes. I really appreciate your thoughts.
Winter Blue on Ithaki
Saturday 15th - With the amazing weather we've had over the past weeks, there are no complaints, but we do have to wonder why, even the cities in the north of Greece, usually under snow at this time of year, are also having temps of 15+ C. Left - Lahos views. Below - Frikes Bayside
Left - Kioni windmills. Below Left - Heading out of Kioni Bay. Below - Lefki hut.
Left - Behind Lefki village looking toward Cephalonia.
Above - Frikes Bayside. Penelope and Rementzo Restaurants closed for the winter. With Ithakis weather however, it wouldn't be too bad to bring out the chairs and lunch on the bayside in the sunshine. Right & Below - Another road leading us to a lush field with sea views on one side and mountain views on the other. Lefki.
For those who come to Ithaki mainly during the warm season June - September, it's hard to imagin that Winter Ithaki could be so lush and green, from the mountains down to the seashore.
The rejuvenated cinema in Vathy is doing well now with movies playing for the oldies and the youngens each weekend. With not much to do socially during the winter, the cinema gives everyone a reason to leave the house. Go to page 2 for more on this Sunday in January.
Above. Below and Left - Kioni Village on the bay. The north is very quiet at this time of year, but Kioni, the last village before the road ends, is particularly still during the winter, that is until the Mini Market and Spavento Bar open their doors, then the locals come out to socialize.
Sunday 16th - Another wonderful day yesterday. Plenty of warm sunshine lighting up the island with greens, yellows and blue. Below - A pony grazes on a lush pasture in a Stavros field.
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