Visitors Letters 2015

Many people who come to Ithaca fall in love with the island, its' tradtional villages, the people and the life style. Many want to share their holiday experience with others and therefore these pages are open to all to write in and tell us about their time on Ithaca, good and bad experiences, we publish all letters if they are not morally offensive. Personal email addresses are not published, only names and the country of origin. Contact Us (

Dear Erika, Great to finally meet you at the Marida and the following day outside Spavento. Back home now to a chilly UK after another wonderful holiday in Ithaca - lovely island, lovely people. Keep up the good work - we really enjoy reading your diary  and looking at your photos - makes us feel like we're there ! Sincerely hope to be back next year. Best wishes Robin, UK

Just returned from our annual visit to Ithaca. Stayed at Captain Yiannis in Vathy. Perfect. Made a point of following your suggestions. Cafe del Sol great at 19.00! Lots of family involvement. Ageri in Frikes – super lunch lovely location. Ithaki Mare. Really near our accommodation. Very friendly, good food, good crack,again in a perfect location. Thanks Erica. 

Norma Frost

We were quiet sat on a beach in Ithaca a very angry Greek told us we must leave her seats on her beach. No sign said it was private…other people were on the beach . She ignored them! Today!

Dr. K. Belmont

Dear Erika
I would like you to please place this email on the Ithaki website. My parents and I visited Vathy in early May this year and stayed at captain Panos apartments. We were treated so well by Panos and his lovely wife Heleni and really enjoyed our stay. My mother's father was from Vathy and Panos helped us with communication with our family still living on the island. To our surprise and amazement, Panos's apartment was literally down the road from where my mother's cousin lives!!! Panos spent his time helping interpret for us which was a great help.
He was very hospitable and took us to the supermarket to shop and was always willing to help us in any way possible. His character and generosity reminded by mother of her own father who was very much the same with strangers. This made us feel proud that we also have roots in Ithaki ! I am copying Panos into this email as he and his wife deserve praise for their efforts in making us feel at home whilst we were in Ithaki.

My fondest regards to you, Panos, Heleni and all the people in Ithaki. Ryan Dekker

Hello Erica,

We have just spent a week in Rigoni apartments, Kioni our first visit to this wonderful village on a stunning island, we have travelled many places in Greece over the years but this is the one place we feel we have to return too and are already planning our return. We would like to say thanks to everyone who made our stay stay so wonderful from George on the boats, the staff in the jazz bar, and everyone along the way and in the tavernas especially Spiros and family in Mythos taverna who are to blame for our larger waistlines but wonderful food. Then everyone else in all the shops, the bakery,bars and restaurants simply everyone made you feel a part of the village and a friend. We really hope Greece rides out its current problems but no matter what happens I know we will be back as soon as we can.

Very best regards Brian and Helen.

Hello Erica,

Just spent some time looking at your previous years. Found in January 2009 some pictures of Dimitris Danis at thopening of the gallery in Vathy. We visited Ithaca for the first time in 2008 and were among the first people to stay at Dendra. We have returned every year since but have not seen or heard anything of Dimitris or Ricci for the past few years. They made us so welcome. As did Judith when she arrived. Just wondered how they were. Love following you on Ithaca. Keep up the good work.

Regards Norma and Alan Frost

Hello Erica,

The new look on the website is looking really great. Great on my phone too so congratulations on keeping up with technology. Happy to see that you're still putting that personal touch to everything you do. It makes us feel like we are there with all the people we love on Ithica. Keep up the good work!

All the best - Jason and Trix

Dear Erika

I look at your website every day from my desk at work. In particular it has cheered me up in the last 3 months as my 94 year old Mum has been very ill and passed away 3 weeks ago. She had Cancer and Dementia/Alzheimers and it was had watching her slip away. Like everyone I think my Mum was the best!!However in the early hours when we were all tired and at a low ebb we used to show her the pictures and she loved them. I did too. She had never been outside of England or Wales and never been to an airport or on a ship! Simple soul. Anyway I just though I would drop you a line to let you know that your efforts are appreciated and they have far reaching hidden effects. We are visiting Kef in June (sorry) and hope to get over to Ithaca ferry permitting.
A heartfelt thanks Erika.

Best regards - Paul

Hi Erika,

Be patient- we are coming!Just as impatient to get there as you are to have us there.Love the Spring flower photos. Thanks to you for getting us through the winter with your excellent web site.Many thanks, and see you at the end of May.

Best wishes Ann and Paul Nightingale

Warm hearted greetings to you, Erika and Dimitri and wishes for a joyous Easter.
We are counting the weeks until we travel back to Ithaki and in the meantime, we salivate over your gorgeous photographs.
Once again, thank you for the incredible work that you do.
Happy Spring!

Love Cynthia and Nikos

Hi Erika

Thank you for getting up early. Stunning pictures!! :-)
You have in fact had more snow than where we live in England!
We have had only flurries but that is not the case for other parts of England.

Take care! Mads xx


The Thomases aren’t put off and 5 of us will be there early July. Fine for us, but I don’t know how you guys live with the uncertainty. Looking forward to seeing everyone again.



Many thanks for your constant information as we in Australia rely on you. It really is a shame regarding the ferries as we are now trying to sort out how we will be able to travel to Ithaca via road & sea. Even if we have to hire a row boat this will not stop us from travelling to Ithaca We will be back May, June & July & look forward to catching up with you when we are in Frikes

Kind Regards - Paul & Helen Karavias
Melbourne Australia

Happy New Year.
We wish you Joy,Health,Happiness and Peace throughout 2015.

Apologies that we never met up as planned during our visit in 2014 to Kioni. At times we must have just missed you judging by some of your beautiful pictures taken during our stay.
We had returned home but some of the friends we have met whilst visiting  Kioni over the years were still there and a picture of them appeared on your web site!!
Which leads me to ask  .....  have you stopped doing What's New on We hope not as it was a lovely way to keep in touch with the island for the remaining fifty weeks of the year.

We have been keeping an eye on the political situation taking place in Greece. We have so much empathy for you. We do hope the situation will eventually become easier for everyone.
All we can do is to keep visiting.

Recently received an email from Jennie and we know all is well with her and her family. So looking forward to catching up with them and many of the other Kioni locals when we visit in late June.

Take care,
Kind regards.

Tony and Mads Rowsby

As you may know by now the radical left wing group Syriza won the Greek elections. Syriza strictly speaking is not a party but an aggregation of a dozen or so parties from Marxists, Trotskyists, Maoists, Workers Unions, to even a Green party.  The new parliament will consist of 7 parties with Syriza forming a government with the Independent Greeks party, which is a shock as they are quite right wing! The following may be of interest:
1. Syriza 36.34% nationally - 139 seats - 39.27% in Ithaka - and highest party vote at 47.85% in Kerkyra
2. Independent Greeks 4.75 % nationally - 13 seats - 4.56% in Ithaka - and highest in Kozani @ 6.73%
As these two together have over 151 seats out of a total of 300 they form a government
3. New Democracy (former government party) 27.81% - 26 seats - 21.16%  in Ithaka - 38.89% in Chios
Small parties:
4. Golden Dawn ("Nazis") 6.28% - 17 seats - 3.95% in Ithaka - 9.93% in Thessaloniki!
(so the Ithakisians are not so right wing as the Thessalonikians!)
5. Potami ("River") 6.05% - 17 seats - 4.13% - 12.16% in Chania
6. KKE (Greek Communist Party) 5.47% - 15 seats - 12.58% in Ithaka !!! (no doubt Anogi) - but 15.08% in Samo (more red!)
7. Pasok --- poor old Pasok, the heritage of Andreas Papandreou gone - only 4.68% - 13 seats - 10.99% in Lakonia
George Papandreou, the son and former Prime Minister, with his new party, Kinima ("Movement") did not make the 3% cut (2.46%) so no seats in the new parliament.
Let us see how they all do. There are no doubt disconcerting times ahead.

Regars - N. Patricios

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