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A Sunny day on Ithaca - Monday 25th September 2006

Ithaca has a very special feel right now. Everyone seems relaxed, lots of smile creases replacing the stress frowns. A sunny day to top it all off with a pleasant 28 degrees C, makes everyone feel like they're on holiday, not just the lucky visitors to the island, but also the locals. Vathy, Ithakis Capital, is the closest Ithacans get to city life, and compared to the northern villages, Vathy certainly buzzes alot louder than the rest, but that's not to say that there isn't still some action in the north. Not Daily, but certainly a few times a week, a big Flotilla will get the restaurants to attention, and Kioni has on occasion been reminded of the worst of August with Day Tripper crowds spilling onto the promenades.

Below - The village of Ag. Sarantas in the north of the island puts on its' usual display of beauty for a fine day. A quaint and traditional village with stone cottages and lovely views to Afales.
Rain is predicted, and as I type, there's a sudden downpour splashing off the window pane. It doesn't last long and is a complete surprise as the skies were clear and filled with stars just a few minutes earlier. So passes another day on Ithaca.