Sunday 14th August 2011
There is no doubt about it, Anoghi wins the BIGGEST & BEST Panighiri so far. Trampling through hordes of people just to get a look at the village square was a battle, but there was so much KEFI and fun that it all added to the excitement of the night. I have never seen so many people packed into this small mountain village, and I bet, nor have the locals. The band really outdid themselves and the people of Ithaca, locals and visitors, showed their undying appreciation for the great effort. I don't really know what makes the difference between a good Panighiri and a great Panighiri, but I'm sure the attitude of those who attend it, plays a major role. There were people dancing that I've never seen dance before. Electrical sparks went from one person to another and the domino effect had everyone tingling with an excitement that can not be manufactured. An absolutely fabulous night! This Panighiri will go down in the memory of most who attended, as one of the best they have probably ever experienced.

Don't stop now! We still have hours of fun ahead.

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