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Sunday 17th July 2011
Exoghi Panighiri - Aghia Marina
Sunday 17th July 2011
Everyone seemed to have such a good time that I need to make 2 pages for this Festival. >> GO PAGE 2
After another scorching hot day, the wind changed just before nightfall to make the Exoghi Panighiri cooler than expected. It was quite windy for most of the night into the early hours, but that didn't stop the festivities. A band from Kefalonia replaced the usual Panighiri band this year, and although reports of how they were accepted were mixed, the band did manage to keep the dance floor full all night. The numbers were down this year. This could have been due to that the Festival fell on a Sunday which may have stopped some southerners from coming up the mountain, but that's just speculation. It could be due to many factors, including the economic predicament Greece has found(?) itself in.
Looks like we'll have the gypsies with their flowers, pop corn, corn and doughnuts for all the upcoming festivals. Instead of breaking plates, they're selling flowers to adorn the dancers with. 25 euro a plastic plate of flower buds which are tossed into the wind, only to be recycled again for the next dancer. Didn't see any receipts cut here either.
You only need to look at the photos to see just how much fun was had at the Exoghi Panighiri. It continues to be a favourite for many on the island and for many visitors to our little island in the Ionian, Ithaca Greece. Enjoy the your online Panighiri.

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