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Monday 6th May 2013

It's become a tradition that on Easter Monday, Northern Ithaca holds a big dance to raise funds for their football team, Odysseas. The Easter dance brings people from all over the northern isle, some even from down south, to enjoy a 'let your hair down' experience with their community. For a mere 5 euros to get in the door, you could dance the night away to traditional music supplied by the live band, which is made up of some of our musical locals. The bar was well stocked and there were some snacks on hand to make sure everyone's stomachs were lined before a big drink up night.

I got there around 11pm and the night was still an hour away from really kicking off. The lights were so bright we all needed to wear shades, but happily Pavlos at the door, found his way around the switch board to dim for ambience. After that, people started hitting the dance floor, shielded and protected by incandescent light rather than the white fluro, and the party began in ernest and continued way past my exit time of 3am.

I forgot to ask someone who the painting was of. This painting overlooked the entire hall and surely has some significance, other than the likeness to a German Dictator we all know and love to hate. My guess is he was a founding member of the team? Would be happy to be enlightened by someone who knows.