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Saturday 29th June 2013

A windy and chilly night for the Frikes Panighiri this year. The new location would have been just fine if it wasn't for the weather factor. Still, locals and visitors to the island wouldn't let a little chill stop them from having a party. Dancing quickly warmed you up and the panighiri atmosphere, warmed the cockles. Mnistires (our local panighiri band) did their best to keep everyone moving and dancing.
When driving into Frikes, you could have easily missed that there was a festival going on. The main strip was quiet and quite under populated for a Saturday night. Quite a strange feeling, I'm sure too, for the businesses of the village.
Frikes is the first real Panghiri of the summer season, and usually not over attended, which for me personally, is quite nice. Everyone has room to move, and being on the dance floor, doesn't mean getting your feet trampled on. At 1.30am, the wind started to pick up quite a bit more and that was my cue to go home and get warm.

The next festival is in Exoghi on the 17th July. Let's hope for a calm and warmer night, as this year's weather for Frikes, was an unexpected phenomenon. Overall however, everyone looked like they had a great time.