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Spyros and Esther Paxinos and friends

Sunday 7th July 2013

I had the great pleasure and honour to be invited to Koutoupi by Spyros and Esther Paxinos, who's names are synonymous with 'Filoxenia' (a generosity of spirit) as they welcomed friends and neighbours to their home at Koutoupi for a big barbeque lunch near the sea. It felt like the best 'feel good' movie atmosphere that we dream about when we imagine a big Greek feast. Lots of laughter and genuine joy abound. Gorgeous aqua sea and blue Ionian views. A really wonderful afternoon. When we dream of a Greek Island holiday, the scenes today, pretty much exceed our expectations. Spyros and Esta have been long time supporters of ithacagreece.com, so I was thrilled to be invited, and even more thrilled that I could share this wonderful afternoon with all of you.

Great food, wonderfully generous hosts and a 'parea' (group) of some really wonderful locals, visitors and soul deep Ithacans.

Thank you to Spyros and Esther Paxinos for the opportunity to share their special afternoon online.