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Spiros Koutsouvelis and Elizabeth Schaefer
Tuesday 7th May 2013

It's a rare occasion to have such a musically inspiring performance in Kioni. Spiros Koutsouvelis and Elizabeth Schaefer are seasoned concert performers, and last night, Ithaca had the pleasure of their talents with a piano and viola recital, featuring a piece written by one of Ithaki's own, Nektarios Karantzis' classical composition, inspired by Nyritos. A dark and luring piece, dramatically performed by Spiros and Elizabeth. George Karantzis as a member of the Kioni community, organized the recital which was very well attended by both visitors to Ithaki and locals alike.

The old school in Kioni made an intimate venue to experience such an enhancing performance. George welcomed all to the recital by wishing them a happy Easter, and then continued to introduce Spiros and Elizabeth. No tickets were sold, but there was a donation box at the door for people to show their appreciation. The night was a great success, all who attended were notably moved by the music, and they showed their appreciation by thunderous applause.

Hopefully Ithaca will have another opportunity to have the talents of Mr. Koutsouvelis and Ms Schaefer to perform for us. As for Nektarios Karantzis, our local composer, living in Thessaloniki, we wish him the inspiration required to write such haunting and dark pieces of music. A great night in Kioni.