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Saturday 15th June 2013 at Ag. Nikola Church, Mavrona.

It's been awhile since we've had the opportunity to share an Orthodox baptism with you. Thank you to Viki and Nikos who were happy to share their special occasion online. Traditional baptisms in Greece dictate that a child does not have a name until it has been baptized, which usually occurs about 1 year after the birth. Greek baptisms are a huge occasion, usually punctuated with music and food for all the invited, which in this case, was a big chunk of the local community from the south and north of the island. Baptisms usually mean tears for the baby and sometimes for the mums as they hand their child to the priest to be dunked in oil and water while it undergoes the ritual of the Orthodox Baptism.

Nikos and Viki went all out to make the baptism of their first born, a huge and happy occasion. Lots of drink and lots of food. Niko is the owner of Mylos Creperie on the Vathy bayside, a popular hangout for visitors and locals alike, always with good music and of course a great view, while you eat their special recipe crepes or snacks, and indulge in a cocktail. This day however, the staff ran Mylos, while he and Viki enjoyed an afternoon at Ag. Nikolas church in Mavrona, where the baptism and after party were held.

Ag. Nikolas church is also the annual venue for the Ag. Nikolas Festival, held each May. Although the church itself is very small, it is located at Mavrona, which is wonderful spot near the sea. Theofilos' baptism was officiated by 2 local priests, one from Stavros and one from Kioni, and attended by friends and family from Patras and all over Ithaki island. Again, a big thanks to Nikos and Viki for the opportunity to share their special day with all of you.