Kioni Children's Street Theatre Sunday 16th August 2015

I was working at the top of Kioni hill when I heard singing bouncing from hillside to hillside, echoing up from the village. At first I thought the children of Kioni were still rehearsing for their 3 day performance until I saw a crowd accumulate around the church and knew that the performance must be well under way.

I finished with my work committments and headed straight down, hoping I hadn't missed too much. The Kioni Children's Street Theatre performance last year was great so I knew I didn't want to miss this year's. As last year, it was topical and political, concentrating on OXI and the ministerial 'turn around'.

Current political issues, tackled by children with humour and music, under the direction of Stelios, an empathetic character, loved and admired in the village of Kioni.

The kids had so much fun as did the audience. They were natural and eager and gave some delightful commentary on the current political and economic issues of Greece.      Real Estate