Kioni Panighiri Monday 20th July 2015

This year's panighiri in Kioni was absolutely buzzing and full of the everescent KEFI (good cheer) that the Greek people are so famous for. There were about 100 yachts in the harbour, so lots of visitors to the island also joining in the dancing and merriment. All the restaurants were full to the brim, lots of very, very happy faces in the crowd. Mnistires Band played through to the early hours and on this warm and sultry evening, the sweat poured from the dance floor.

I arrived a little earlier this year than usual, and thought at first it was going to be a quieter evening, but within half an hour of being in Kioni, the masses assembled and all cheer broke out! In the summertime on Ithaca, you'll see as many kids as adults burning the midnight oil. Everyone stays up late and squeezes every bit of fun out of every occasion put before them. Kioni bayside always looks pretty special all lit up on a summer's night, but at panighiri time, it's absolutely sparkling!

There wasn't an establishment which wasn't busy on this night. Lots of people making the most of their support for Greece, something it seemed the majority were enthusiastic about.

The community of Kioni did a great job in another wonderful Panighiri for the village. So many of them chipping in with their time and effort to make it such an enjoyable summer event.

Kioni bayside full of life on a summer's night.      Real Estate