Platrithia Panighiri Saturday 14th August 2015

By the time the Platrithia Panaghiri comes around, you can always tell who's on holiday and who's been working through the summer. The bright bushy-tailed, shiney people are on holiday and those smiling through the exhaustion aren't. No matter how much exhaustion however, no one wants to miss the Panaghiri. Squeezing the most out of summer and it's festivals before the season winds down is almost imprinted into the psyche of Ithacans.

Lots and lots of people again this year, as expected, with Mnistires playing for the Panaghiri crowd. I must really say how much I admire their stamina and ability to have fun and play as if it's the first panighiri of the season, always inspiring the crowd with their never ending energy, making sure the dance floor is sufficiently busy with stomping feet.

Mnistires, Ithaki's Panaghiri Band with the mostest!

Young and old, dancing through the warm night.

At Panaghiri time, the community chips in with it's time and helps out behind the bar, food bar and souvlaki grill with more behind the scenes.

If you look carefully you'll see the only 'finger' I got this season. Maybe there were more, but luckily my eyesight is terrible and I don't see most of them

A great end to the festive season...

well, not really, there's still alot more celebration to come!      Real Estate