Winter Days of Ithaca Monday 3rd August 2015

At Romantsa in Stavros, Wolfgang Loehnert (Representative of the Ludwig Salvator Society), through the organization of Nikos Sikiotis, donated the chronicals of the Archduke Ludwig Salvator (Austrian royal family) who visited ithaca between 1901 - 1905. The book 'Wintertage auf Ithaka' are Ludwig Salvators writings on the daily goings on over his trip, the people, archeaology with Schliemann-employee William Loftusand and much more.

As well as some old photographs, 'Wintertage auf Ithaka' (Winterdays of Ithaca) there are also many sketches and small details which depict the days in the lives of locals and Ludwig Salvators relationship to them. Through Wolfgang Loehnert's speech, it was also noted that the making of the path from Loutsa beach to Ag. Andreas church in the south of the island, was paid for Ludwig Salvator. The steam ship in the photo above, was his vessel 'Nixe', and was anchored in Vathy Bay.

The donation the Ithacan community is to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Ludwig Salvator's death. Currently the book is only in German, but will be available for all the people of Ithaca to look through, and in future, have translated into GreekĀ and/or English.

The chronicals will be an interesting read, not only for locals, but for visitors to the island, wanting an insight to life as it was then, through the eyes of a visitors who fell in love with the island subsequently wrote a complete monographic description of Ithaca, the people and the culture.      Real Estate