Unification Day Thursday 21st May 2015

After such sunny days, it was a little disappointing that today on the day of the Unification Parade, the skies were a lacklustre grey. The numbers too, were radically down this year. Usually there's quite a squeeze on the roadsides. No matter though, the event was high in spirits and that certainly made up for the lack in people.

The 21st May marks the date in 1864 when the Ionian islands were reunited with the rest of Greece. This year's speech was given by Mr. D. Sirmis.

Although the day looks quite gloomy, the temperature was perfect, especially for the little ones. No gusty winds or burning sun.

It was good to see Xarilaos Tsigonias, the traditional dance group, take part in the parade this year, giving us a lovely performance after the official part was done.

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