Stavros Panighiri Day 1 - Sotiros Saturday 5th August 2017

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After the Exoghi and Kioni Festivals being quite alot quieter than usual, it was a surprise to see Stavros absolutely packed to the rafters, at least around the area of the village square which spread to encompass Tselegas down to Margarita Cafe.

The first night is usually the busiest, but this year all the children who have grown up now, are occupying the dance floor and making the 'Kefi'. A whole new generation of of Panaghiri goers. It's a noticeable change-over.

"This is the best photo eva!"

"This is the sexiest photo!"

The music went on past 5am. I know that because that's the time I went to bed and the wind blew the sound down and through my window.

There was barely a time when the dance circle wasn't pumping with sweaty bodies, and they were sweaty on this record hot summer night.      Real Estate