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Autumn on Ithaca Greece

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November 2017

Thursday 2nd - The weather is seriously changing now. The warmth of Summer has turned to the chill of Autumn. Yesterday a chilly 12C for some of the day.

We have some good news too finally, the ferry route from Ithaki to Patras has been reinstalled. I came back on it yesterday, oh and what a joy to have such a direct connection again. I think most ithacans will feel the nostalgy of Patras and the port. It's great to finally have an easy way to get on and off the island again...having said that I did wonder at a comment one of the stewards made while cleaning off the table "We'll see" he said, alluding to that it may not be a permanent thing? I hope it is. We need the ferry from Ithaki to Patras.

Above - The Kefalonia ferry at Piso Aetos. Great to have it back!

Friday 3rd - It's quite a bit smokey around the island as the Ithaca delves deeply into the olive harvest, burning off the scraped off branches.

Just a little note on the Kefalonia ferry. On the company website it states the duration from Patras to Ithaca is 2:45 minutes, but this is an error. The duration is 3.45 minutes.

Tuesday 7th - The forecast is for 8 force winds today, so some bad weather supposedly.

Saturday 11th - After a few storms, the weather has settled again to give us some mild sunny days for this November.

Sunday 12th - There's not much to tell from around the island. Locals are involved in the olive harvest, there's alot of burning off. It's quiet, occasionally stormy, but mostly mild for this time of year.


November 2017

Autumn on Ithaca Greece

Wednesday 1st

It's been a little quiet here on ithacagreece.com because I've had a little time in the big city, but things are back to normal and there will be more updates from now on.



Friday 3rd -

Tuesday 7th - Everyone on Ithaca and I would imagine on Kefalonia are very happy we have the Patras route re-instated. It will make it so much better, easier and more profitable for the island in summer with Mainlanders again having the opportunity to come for a weekend. The Kefalonia Lines have signed a 5 years contract, so as long as the company doesn't go broke, we have 5 years of a stable route to the Mainland.





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