Ithaca Greece

Jenny Vlassopoulou

Jenny is part owner of the Spavento Bar in Kioni and has the most contagious laugh you'll hear on all of Ithaca.  She has time for everyone and thus everyone makes time for her.
Jenny was born is Melbourne, Australia to Ithacan parents and resides in Kioni now for 20 years.  Her prior profession was as Graphic Artist.  Most of the signs painted around Ithaca have been done by her. Jenny's married to Yiorgos Karantzis, her partner in Spavento and you can see their yearly holiday photos in albums on the bar of their Café.Everyone is invited to share in their memories.
Jenny likes to sleep, so you probably won't see her before 3pm on any given day.  Her best friends are her dogs, Zouli and Argo who tease the cats in Kioni and make people from all around the world fall in love with them.
If your stay is primarily in Kioni, Jenny is the person you will remember most.
Spavento Bar