Yiorgos Karantzis

Ithaca Greece 2003

Yiorgos is the 'Music Man' of Ithaca.  His famous collection of cds and albums from around the world thrill his clientelle at  Spavento, but most of all they thrill him.

He's a passionate Greek who enjoys life with a wild mediterranean gusto.

Everybody who comes to Kioni loves him and why not, he's the life of the party (once he's had his morning coffee).

He's an orginal Ithacan local who speaks English and Italian and dedicates himself to the islands' well-being and growth.

In Summer you can see him cruising on his vintage BMW motorbike, but usually only during the day.  The lights are always going out.

Yiorgos is a man if infinite energy.  No one on the island equals his stamina.

Visit Spavento Cafe Bar .. www.ithacagreece.com