Good Friday Epitaphio
Friday 6th April 2007
God may be forgiving, but not Kioni. Each Good Friday, a likeness of Judas, stuffed with dry grass and dressed in overalls, gets doused in benzine and set on fire outside the Kioni church. A big crowd watches Judas explode into flames before the Papas leads the congregation around the bay side and back to the church. This year the turn out was double that of last year and last year it was double that of the year before. So many people in the village the night resembled the Panighiri.
Most of the congregation listened to the church service from the courtyard of the church. Only the early birds secured a place inside. Judas hung stuffed, awaiting his fate, on the stone wall opposite.
The church bells tolled and the match was lit. Everyone gathered around to watch Judas burn.

Easter on Ithaca Island

Good Friday Epitaphio and the burning of Judas in Kioni Ithaca

Once Judas was fully alight, the Papas led the parade of the Epitaphio through Kioni and along the bayside and fireworks lit up the sky and bay, fire red.
Epita phio

Good Friday Easter celebration, brought together, the elderly and the young, locals and visitors.

Good Frida y Ithac a
East er on Ithac a
After the service and ceremonies, locals got the chance to catch up with old friends and acquaintances while the smoke still billowed from the smoldering corpse of Judas.
kai tou hron ou
Kalo Pash a se o lous
And so ends Good Friday for 2007. Celebrations continue on at the bars and restaurants around the island into the early hours for tomorrow Ithaca celebrates the Resurrection of Christ.
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