carnival time on Ithaca Island. 2007 Childrens' Carnival in Stavros, Ithaki.
.Carnival Time in Stavros
.. ..Sunday 11th February 2007
The biggest Stavros Carnival in at least 5 years
It rained on this parade, but no one cared.
The kids had fun, the adults had fun and the organizers had fun.
It drizzled all morning and it looked like the Carnival would be cancelled again this year, but this year there was too much at stake. Advertising campaigns, rehearsals, costumes, pilgrims traveling up from Vathy and beyond, the Mayors this year, rain or shine, it was Stavros Childrens' Carnival time. It's been awhile since this Carnival was so well attended and had such Keffi (good cheer). The community came armed with their umbrellas and raincoats and no amount of drizzle would inhibit their appetite for some good old family fun in the Square. The kids were terrific! From the tiny tots who purred their way through a pussy cat dance with an abundance of cutie pie and precocious talent, to the well rehearsed young dancers, trained last year by Eder Cardoso from Brazil, who had the audience in awe of their lively steps. The costumes were colourful and occasionally eccentric, a real Carnival spirit, and a special credit needs to go to the teachers who did a great job of revving up the fun as needed and inspiring the kids to inspire all of us. So, if you stayed home because the weather just wasn't nice enough, then you missed one of those rare opportunities when something clicks in the community to make for a very special time.
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