Homers Walk with Ester van Zuylen - Walking Guide

After walking through the site of Homers School, with ancient rocks and stones, deep Wells and shallow graves, archeological excavations in the shade of age old olive trees and great information coming from Ester van Zuylen, the guided walk concluded by walking via the dirt road of Filitou back to Stavros where a drink and pizza awaited. I missed that part as well because half way through the walk I took a dive into a rock, sprained my ankle, cut my knee and bruised my elbow...luckily the camera was still ok. I got up and walked another 20 mins, but by the time I got home, my leg had swollen up. I may take up a position as a couch potato on the sofa. Have a feeling I'll be out of action for a little while, but not before I load up this Homers Walk Special... You can see the full walking programme Ester offers on her website - www.islandwalks.com

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