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Ithaca Greece ..
Men dressing up in their sisters' best is also another feature of our Ithaki Carnival and I've got to say, that some of the legs, albeit a little hairy, stand up well against the real thing.
Whoever didn't take part in the parade was armed with a camera or video capturing the Carnival for prosterity, as did I. You can see by the very happy faces of everyone there, that had it not been a wash-out, this Carnival would have been very big on KEFI.
From the Mayor down to the Kindergarten child, the participants looked great! It was a real shame that by the time the Stavros pre-schoolers were ready to enter the performance circle that the first drops of rain began to drop onto our foreheads. It was too long long after that, that there was no turning back. It was going to rain and rain very hard. People began to put up their umbrellas, but performing in the rain was no good for the little kids, thus the mass exodus began.
This is the second time the Vathy Carnival was rained out in the years has been covering it, but still it was good fun while it lasted, and at least everyone was able to parade down the street for us all to enjoy the great costumes this year. Tonight there are fireworks planned, but that will be dependent on the weather too. With 9 force winds and rain all night, who knows whether Fimios will follow through with this Calendar entry.
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