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carnival time on ithaki island greece. mylos creperie vathy niko karantzis and viki
Friday 12th - Lots of things going on this week in the run up to Sundays' Carnival. The treasure hunt, lots of parties and everyone dressing up with their favourite alter ego. It may be raining every day, but it hasn't dampened Ithakis appetite to enjoy itself, so let's party!
Last night we headed off to the Mylos Creperie Carnival party and took some snaps for you all to enjoy. Click Here or on photograph left for all the pics.
Just managed to load the party page online before the electricity went out for hours today. A fault brought about by a massive storm passing over the region knocked the power out in Kefalonia which also left all of Ithaki in the dark. By the time the storm reached the island, it was a miracle that more lines didn't come down. This was a seriously violent storm, but luckily it passed over in around 10 minutes.
Saturday 13th - This afternoon the sky has cleared quite a bit to let the sunshine in after a rather miserable start to the day. Yesterday (see pics below) was more than miserable when the storm passed over, but by the evening the sky colours were quite dramatic and giving hope for a better day today.
By all accounts the Forkis Theatre Party was again, a great success. Sorry no pics because the rain waterlogged the car and it wouldn't start. Everyone's hoping the forecast rain for tomorrow will either hold off or not appear at all for Carnival Day in Vathy. Ithaca needs a dry sky from around 3pm to 9pm, to at least let the Fire Works finish.
Sunday 14th - The forecast was for high winds and heavy rains and storms, arriving sometime in the afternoon, so Fimios changed the time of the Carnival to midday and started the Parade. Click Here or on photograph left for more pics of the Carnival Parade in Vathy Ithaca Greece.
Monday 15th - Today Kathara Deftera celebrations took place around the island. Locals flew their kites wherever the wind blew, not only in Anoghi and Kioni where there were also local feasts to be enjoyed, but also in Frikes on the pier and land plots large enough to not have kites tangle in the olive branches. Over the past years, it's only the village of Anoghi that has held this picnic and kite flying day with organized food and wine and music, but this year, Kioni pulled its tradition back out of the closet to give Anoghi a run for its money in the traditional celebration stakes. Years past, Kioni would celebrate this day at Illia.
For more pics Click Here or on photo right.
It's a shame that the rain washed out the Carnival yesterday, although some did stay until the very end, getting drenched and loving it. These die-hards are to be admired (I'm not one of them shamefully). They gave encouragement to the Floats who didn't manage to do their performance before the rain came.
Although it was a cold day today, it was a dry day. Something that was beginning to feel very ellusive and not easy to achieve. The earth is drenched and muddy from the weeks and weeks and weeks of rain that have poured down on us. The forecast tells us there's more instore.
Thursday 18th - Strange weather these past couple of days. The early Spring phenomenon of southern desert weather heading our way, has browned and misted up our sky and given us unusually warm days. Occasionally the sun bursts through, but the dust mist is heavy and very low, covering up most of the views.
Above - Kefalonia disappears behind todays heavy dust mist. Left - View to Kefalonia yesterday from Stavros over Polis. Below - Behind Polis beach. Green from all the rains over this winter.
Saturday 20th - Another misty day yesterday, giving an eerie atmosphere. Below - Platrithia views toward Afales and the mist obscurredisland of Lefkada.
With a forecast temperature today of 24C and rain just north of Ithaca, we'll experience winter tropics with possible storms.
Forkis Theatre Group are deep into dress rehearsals for the play 'The Dining Room'. The presentation comes to us next week. Check the Calendar for dates.
Sunday 20th - Last night I was invited to attend the dress rehearsal of The Dining Room, a US comedy which is being put on by the Forkis Theatre Group of Ithaca. It's going to be great so please head along. This year the non-greek speaking community will also be able to enjoy the Groups Production with an Info sheet given at the door which will detail the play from beginning to end. Their own subtitles.
For all the pics and more information on this play please Click Here or on photo left.
Although the sky was brown yesterday with dust from the Sahara settled firmly in our skies, Spring was in the air. Warm temperatures and T-shirts.
It was like a thick, heavy fog hovering low on Ithaca over the past few days. Brown horizons, obscurred by dust. Still it wasn't raining and it wasn't cold, so there wasn't too much complaining about the colour of our day. Spring flowers are beginning to bloom wherever there is grass. It's going to be a beautiful Season again this year with all the wild flowers colouring up our fields.

Today it's quite a bit cooler than yesterday and the wind is blowing furiously since around midnight last night. It has blown the southern dust from our skies to reveal that there is in fact a blue sky up there somewhere, but the force of the wind makes being outside a less than pleasant experience.
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