Dancing for Odysseas N. Ithakis Football Team
Ithaca Greece ..
Ithaca's football teams always need a little financial help, so what better way to raise funds than with a community dance at the Community Town Hall of Stavros. You would think that after a full week of Easter celebrations that people would be too tired to come out, but come out they did, and had alot of fun burning the candles at both ends.
Ithaca's favourite Panighiri Band supplied the entertainment with music everyone loved and enjoyed to dance to. Familiar Summer sounds with familiar faces.
Dancing for Odysseas

And now the wicked will get a little rest until May at least. Before May starts the Season off with fully fledged Tour Operators bringing visitors to the island, there will be a lull, but before we can say souvlaki, Ithaca will be in Summer mode and there'll be no turning back. Meanwhile if you're feeling generous, you can continue to donate to the Odysseas Football Club. Each time they play a game away from home they need to have money in their reserve. To make Odysseas truly successful, they need to think only about playing a good game and beating the opposition, not how they will get the bus money.