.Carnival Time on Ithaki 2011
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. 13th March 2011
Ithaca Greece ..
The Carnival Parade was made up of school children from Pre-School to High School, Political Activists & Joksters, gangsters, and belles of the ball, Egyptians and men in skirts, Flamenco dancers, rays of sunshine, Spring flowers, clowns and much much more. A really fun middays' entertainment. The crowd may have been smaller than other years, but the weather was fine (not too cold, not too windy) and the local Ithacan mood was IT.
Although the Carnival had been postponed from last week, and although some thought it sacreligious to have the Carnival pass into the 40 days of Easter, the Carnival was nevertheless a great success. There weren't as many people attending, yet it had more KEFI (Good cheer) than many I personally remember over the past 10 years. Fresh, new costumes, enthusiasm from the kids and adults alike, made today a colourful and vibrant 'something to do' this weekend.
Luckily I'd remembered that my camera battery was charging and not in my camera before I got to Hani, otherwise we would have missed this great Carnival Day in Vathy.
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