. 23rd April 2011
Ithaca Greece ..
After the various church services around the island, locals, priests and bishops headed to the Cafe Bars for some religious, intellectual or humourous conversations, while enjoying the great weather we've had thus far over this Easter period.
Greek Easter 2011
Day The church bells tolled early today for the morning service for The Resurrection Day celebration. Locals and, what seemed like many visitors, headed up the church steps in Stavros, Vathy, Kioni, Platrithia and other villages to see & hear our local Priests and visiting Bishops. Left & Below - Sortiros, Stavros.
Left, Above & Below - Taxiarchis Church in Platrithia had a large morning service with one of the visiting Bishops.
Kioni and Stavros' sermons finished at midnight, after which locals went home to eat the traditional soup of Margaritsa. Margaritsa soup, made of offel, is a way for the stomach to ease its way back into eating meat before the big Easter Sunday feast of lamb on the spit. Plates will be piled high with meat for the those who heeded Lent and its dietry restrictions. It really seemed like a very busy Easter weekend this year. So many people coming to the island to brighten up the streets, churches, cafes and restaurants.
Night First stop for The Resurrection was Anoghi. It was the first time ithacagreece.com had made it in time for the Service. With the visiting Bishops, I have to say it was a big show. Their experience in the Easter sermons was immediately evident. They had the congregation praying and singing with complete abandon.
After Anoghi we headed for Stavros. The local Stavros priest and a visiting bishop had just arrived from doing the sermon in Exoghi. It's a very busy night for the clergy. Each priest does the village rounds to get all the community in.
Last on the list for this years Resurrection celebration was Kioni. Tonight Kioni shurch was primarily filled with locals. A quieter night than other years with the noticeable and enjoyable absence of the Cracker Boys. Fire cracker explosions in the past, were more like dynamite exploding around you. It was great to not be frightened out of your skin with sudden explosions.