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Wednesday 27th - It just goes to show that when people love Ithaca, they can't imagin celebrating their special occasions anywhere else. Above, Kenneth Holmberg from Finland has his entire family here to celebrate his 60th birthday yesterday. Click here or on photo above for more.
Above - Stefanos from Captain Yiannis Hotel in Vathy was on baby-sitting duty yesterday, while his Finish guests partied. Oh, isn't life just too hard on Ithaki. I really don't know how we put up with the stress of living here :)
Right - Vathy views. It's been hot hot hot on Ithaki and it looks like it will remain this way for some time yet. The air-con bills will be up this year, I guess.
All of a sudden there is so much more activity on the island. The bays are full of yachts and the cafes and restaurants are buzzing with toasts and welcomes to the island. Below - David, Deborah, Vicki and Greg are here from Australia. David and Deborah from Queensland, are here for a few months to get inside Ithaca while Vicki and Greg from Sydney, head off again in a few days to sail around the Ionian, but not before they see the sights. Right - Kioni Bayside.
Thursday 28th - Morning coffees in Vathy Square were disrupted this morning with the continuing work done on the plumbing around Ithacas capital. The stone tiles of the Square were dug up, a trench made to lay the pipes, alot of earth - breaking noises, but the workers were swift to move on so that the patrons of the Square could once again sit in peace and comfort over their morning coffee. Across the bay (Below Left), Soulatso Music Bar was sitting pretty with no other disruption than the sound the bay makes as it licks up against the wall. Aah Summertime.
Thursday 28th - Left - Peter Fatouros from Fiorendino Bar in Frikes shaved his head to reveal the dazzling smile he brought back from his winter sojourn in Sydney Australia..
Right - It's not only Kioni which fares well with the Day Trippers, Vathy also gets its fair share. Today the boat was full to the brim and I guess that's how it will be from now until the end of the Season. Below - Karamela Cafe Bar going stronger than ever with its new outdoor area.
Right - Considering the state of Ithakis Public transport (or more accurately, lack of it) this is probably the best way to get around. Maybe we should all convert our lawn mowers into motor buggies.
People have been looking high and low for their favourite person behind the cafe bar and just can't seem to find him anywhere, so it's about time I give the 'heads up' on the whereabouts of Dimitris Danis (formerly from Porto). Dimitri has closed the chapter on Porto Cafe and has moved to Manu Cafe Bar on the opposite side of the bay (Pic Left). You can catch him there in the evenings. It's his birthday in a few days. Oh what to get?
Above - Dimitris from Laertis Veg Market in Stavros stocks the shelves.
Above - Plenty of traditional views around the Afales area in the north.
Left - Maria, Marirena and Kosta, one of Stavros' butchers, have a little fun at dusk in Stavros.
Saturday 30th - A little cooler yesterday and today with the sky even threatening a little rain. Below - Nektarios from Rementzo gets a little help from Rien the Grill Man to move some tables inside with what looked like an impending downpour. Below Left - The sky over Frikes.
Yesterday it rained in Cephalonia and Lefkada, it even rained (just a little in Anoghi) on Ithaca, but luckily for the restaurant owners, at least in the north of the island, the rain held off until dinner time was over. The dark clouds certainly dropped the temperature around the island. In Exoghi it was almost cold.
On June 3rd you may like to get along to Ores Gallery for another very special exhibition. Opening night starts 9pm.
Rien Post (Ithaki cam) has restarted his website 'Insula' again. An online journal he has kept for many, many years. This sometimes controversial look at Ithaki has been very entertaining in the past. He also adds quite a few photos for the Ithaki junkies who just can't get enough. www.rienz.net
Right - Exoghi is a quiet little mountain village with only a hand full of residents during the Off Season, but in Summer the population increases quite dramatically with Ithacans returning to the village for their Summer holidays.
Sunday 30th - Yesterday the day started with thunder and rain, but by mid afternoon there were blue skies again. A cooler air embraced us, the weather that is normal for May. Below - Aristotelis Kalkanis from one of Vathys favourite Grill spots, Kalkanis behind the Square goes for his morning coffee.
Right - Yefuri is only open a few days in the week, but when it is, seems people just can't get enough of the restaurant away from the bayside. L - R - Sue, Mike, Mike and Trish, enjoy eachothers company over a drink and meal.
Right - Lucky (Polis Beach umbrellas etc) and Maria just arrived back on ithaki a few days ago. Lucky has always been one of northern Ithakis' favourite sons and it didn't take Maria long to get into the hearts of the locals either. They snuck a few hours alone to celebrate Marias 21st birthday at Yefuri Restaurant in Platrithia. Romantic huh?
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