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Right - The renovations at Nytiros Cafe Bar on the Vathy Square, have been completed. I particularly like that the Cafe has retained a traditional feel although it's been modernized and updated. Nicely done.
The new restaurant in Kioni, Milli, will be opening its doors this coming Friday. Milli replaces the Oasis Restaurant under the Kioni Suites Hotel.
The former Gallery in Vathy is now undergoing renovations, and when completed, will offer Ithaki and its visitors an Ouzerie. Something Ithaki will greatly benefit from. Ouzerie is a traditional snack bar with all the favorite Greek kitchen dips and snacks that make for a great night or day over a few glasses of ouzo.
It appears that Marmaka will be undergoing a change too. A big excavation there means development. Let's hope it's not a determent to this area of the island. Out of sight isn't always out of mind. Marmaka is much easier to get to now that the road has connected to the area from Frikes, so I guess change is inevitable.
Frikes - There are quite a few more people roaming around these past days and that all familiar moped exhaust blowing up our noses.

Tuesday 18th - Yesterday Vathy resembled a ghost town. For a Monday morning the capital of Ithaki was curiously quiet and under-populated. That the skies were still very changeable and the wind was blowing a little too hard didn't help anyone enthused to be outdoors to actually walk out the door. Not the most pleasant of days to be out. We did catch up with Douri and Yianni from Stavros however, who like the rest of us, were doing the Monday morning rounds, despite the wind. You can catch them at Yiannis Restaurant in Stavros to say hi.

If you're interested in another perspective on the Greek situation view this video on youtube
Wednesday 19th - Finally a decent weather day again. Seems too long since we've had threatening skies, cool temps and that May wind.
Thursday 20th - Another National Strike today, but apart from the ferry staying put, most places of business, including the Post Office, remained open this morning. The biggest surprise today must have been the rain which poured down around midday. It had everyone scrambling for cover. Below Left - Works continue around Vathy to make the bayside beautiful, but at this time of year, with visitors to the island increasing, the timing seems a little questionable. "Jack-hammering in the morning, Jack-hammering in the evening..." It's not the nicest welcome for the yachters or for our visitor's 'wake-up' call. It looks like the works are progressing quite quickly, so hopefully the interruptions won't continue for much longer.
Above Right - The Navy heads back out to sea after a night at Forkys Bay just outside Vathy. Above Left - Tomorrow in Vathy is the annual Unification Day Parade. Flags are already flying high in our capital ready for the big day. Left - A Kioni view from the old road.
Friday 21st - It poured with rain all through the night and through the day today. A bit of a shock for those coming off the boat to enjoy some Greek Spring weather. Last night a fault in Kefalonia had the power out for around an hour, leaving restaurants and bars wondering how long to wait before they turn on the generator. Luckily for all of us, it was fixed quickly.
For the patrons of the restaurants, a hour long romantic interlude didn't bother them too much. Dinner had been had and so dessert was enjoyed over candle light. The weather began to go bad yesterday afternoon with showers on and off through the day. A cold night called for the plastics to come down around the bayside establishments, to keep the diners away from the wind chill.
The weather was too wet to make it to the Unification Parade today. I don't know what the Council planned in case of wet weather, but I doubt the parade went ahead.
Right - Ithakis Archivist Andreas Anagnostatos and Yiannis Lekatsas share a drink and a conversation in Frikes. Andreas is also the Ithacan correspondent for Melbourne Australias Ithaki Club News letter.
Above - From Devon to Ithaki. Sharon and Adrian head straight to the loved traps for dinner and a chat with friends. Right - Maria and Lucky are also back on the island. Won't be long now before Polis gets going again with lots of fun and of course, sun lounges, umbrellas and boats for hire. Lucky will be heading to the beach to give it an annual clean after a very wet and windy winter. Below - Dimitra with mum, Jennie are on Ithaca to check out Dimitras new Summer job at Rementzo restaurant in Frikes.
Tuesday 25th - Rain was predicted, and in Kefalonia it did actually rain quite alot, but here on Ithaca as you can see below, we had sunshine.
Monday 24th - Although the weather has been a little strange this past week, the long weekend had enough sunshine to bring people out. Visitors to the island keep arriving on a daily basis, first timers, second timers and those completely addicted to Ithaki. Left - Jackie and John from the UK, are in Kioni for the second time. They have all the signs of an Ithaki addiction.
Above - It's that time of year again when the bayside of Kioni has traffic restrictions. With a big new parking area just outside the bayside of Kioni, there is no need to take the car into the center. A few steps in a few minutes and your feet will take you right in. Left - Merope from Symposium Restaurant in Frikes has someone's dinner at her fingertips. From the sea to the table. Can't get any fresher than this.
Left - Rick (Paris), Ester and Julian (Paris), enjoying a dance party in Stavros. Moi (me) and Ester had a combined birthday party at which I had so much fun I actually put my camera away after the first hour.(If I have time I may post some more pics of the party at a later stage). Above - My favorite fruits are back on the shelves. Yum!
Left - View to the picturesque bay at Sarakiniko. Below - Swimming at Filiatro Beach in the south of Ithaca.
Right - In Frikes, Peter, one of the Fiorendino Bar boys does his impersonation as a bumble bee. He pulls up Pano Fatouros to share in a pic as they share the same surname.
Right - Arthur Kominos is back on Ithaki for the Summer. We caught up with him at Kentro Cafe in Vathy with his parea.
Filiatro Beach Cantina is open for business and as you can see from the above photograph, benching and seats have also been erected on the beach. Left & below - Kanelata views. Kanelata is just outside Vathy on the road to Sarakiniko and Filiatro.
Left - It's ice-cream season again. On Ithaca over the winter months, you'll be hard pressed to find ice-cream anywhere.
Left - Doug and Pam have been coming to Ithaki for many, many years. We caught up with them fresh off the ferry as they passed through Frikes on their way to Kioni where they'll be spending their Ithaki holiday.
Wednesday 26th - Seems like Ithaca is very popular this week. The BBC are here recording footage for a programme they are making on Ulysses and German Vogue are doing a 20 page spread on the island.
Left - Rick, Julian and local, Demetri getting ready for lunch on the Frikes bayside.
Left - The new restaurant on the Kioni bayside - Milli, has some familiar faces working. Romina and Vanna, who most will remember from Oasis Restaurant.
Below - The north of Ithaki has many corners with stunning scenery and views. Taxiarchis in Platrithia, has stunning views over Afales bay and the fields that roll towards it with Lefkada Island in the distance. Cypress trees and wild flowers make this area very picturesque.
Below - Now that the Season has begun, bus tours from Kefalonia make their usual stops around the island. In Stavros, Margarita Cafe is the place they stop to try Ithakis Rovani and other sweets, after they have taken pics of Odysseas bust.
Left and Below - More Taxiarchis Views
Left - Kalypso in Kioni has also had a face lift. A stone exterior and new colours have really brightened up this popular Kioni Restaurant.
Left - Peter and Babbi at Fiorendino Bar in Frikes do their best to keep the thirsty yachters lubricated. Peter (part owner with brother Dini) have also put in a dart board. Achieving the bullseye becomes addictive.

Ithaca Summer Holiday

Come and visit one of the most picturesque islands in the Ionian

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