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Monday 1st - First day of December and as every minute clicks by, Ithaca adorns more Christmas lights upon itself. Below - Kioni the way most people don't see it. It's the Winter Kioni.
Wednesday 3rd - We've been talking about the Ores Gallery opening for weeks, but last night we finally had the opportunity to see it up close and personal. Click here or on photograph right for all the pics.
Above right Stavros with electricity and left - Stavros without electricity. That's how the village has been divided over the past couple of days. Happily, yesterdays' afternoon ferry delivered the DEH boys, and within a couple of hours, Stavros was equally illuminated once again.
Ores Gallery Opening night.  Click photo for all the pics

So another 15 minute power out this morning. No, it wasn't long, but it was long enough to jam every appliance running. Very strange weather day today. Temp is around 23C, it's windy, gloomy looking and ready to drizzle. That temps elsewhere are low enough for snow and bitter cold, it's amazing that Ithaca is hovering above the 20C mark.

Friday 5th - Ithaca has been tossed and turned over the past couple of days with severe winds and storms. The 10 Force winds naturally kept the 'Kefalonia' ferry in Patra yesterday. Apart from a few trees uprooted or split, roof tiles taking flight and numerous short, power outs, no great damage was suffered. This morning emerged with sunshine and blue skies again as if nothing had happened. What a relief. The wind actually sounded much worse than it was. At times, and in some areas around the island, you could hear the wind without actually feeling it. Eerie.

Below - Winds were blowing the water out of Vathy Bay instead of into it so some areas of the bay seemed quite calm. Whirly winds dispersed sea spray all over the road at Aetos.
Tuesday 9th - After some pretty bleak weather over the past couple of weeks, the sun finally began to break through around sunset.
Below - This scene may be a little hard to recognize for the summer visitors, yes it's Frikes bayside. Usually inhabited by restaurant seating, now reclaimed by natures forces and the elements.

Today it's blue sky from here to the horizon, but the temps have dropped quite a bit with a high of 14C today.

Christmas lights are up all over, and although some look more like advertising for a 'red light' district, most are very festive looking. Will get some picks soon.

Thursday 11th - We're in for some more high winds today, nothing dramatic yet at 11am, but the winds do feel like they're picking up. They are predicted to reach 10 force. Shutter up.

Stavros Square
Around the hills and valleys of Stavros.
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