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Right and Below - Past Loutsa Beach in Vathy, a narrow goat track takes you along the bay with a great view of Vathy behind. The waters swelled just before the weather change.
Above - Homers School. There has been quite a bit of digging going on at this site in the north of Ithaca, but no activity at present. Homers school is actually looking a bit dishevelled, so I just took a photo of the best bit.
September Monday 19th - Just can't believe it's so hot in September. We've had better weather this month than we had in the first half of August. Below - There seem to be more wasps around now than there were in the height of Summer.
Left - Ag. Ioannis Beach still has sun in the late afternoon. Below - Frikes Pier.
Tuesday 20th - Another hot day yesterday, but late in the afternoon, the skies began to change, threatening rain and thunderstorms. Amazing lightning storms very early in the morning gave a spectacular light show. More rain expected today. Left - Vathy.
Just a little note on the weather today, now that it's nearly 5pm. There was so much wind in the middle of the night that it blew the rain horizontally across the island, lifting roof tiles and flooding (my house at least) through the windows. It felt like a hurricane, but surprisingly, the power stayed on despite some momentary cuts as the front passed over. It absolutely poured down and continues on and off through the day. Let's hope that it doesn't last long. Kioni bayside looks deshevelled without the tents to keep people dry, Vathy is probably the same. Good timing on behalf of the law keepers.
There's a big temperature change for tomorrow. Only 23C degrees. That's a big drop. Luckily, by Thursday things should be looking up again with 25C forecast and then Friday 27C. Don't despair, Summer isn't quite over, it's just taking a break.
Thursday 22nd - Great weather again today. People are back to the beach and sitting along the baysides. Last night was a chilly 16C. Quite a shock to the system after the high day and evening temps over the past few months. Below - Kathara fresco.
Left - A couple of days ago, this is what rolled over the island for hours on end. Alot of rain, thunderstorms and lightning. Not summer holiday weather at all. I personally felt very bad for the bayside businesses who had lost their tents and were left to mop up the damage.
Above, Below & Left - Pinnerakia above Exoghi and some of the views to be seen. Yesterday, there were still some clouds around, but it was perfect weather for a walk to the top of the island.
Left & Below - Kathara Monastry. With the rainy and cooler weather, sight-seeing seemed to be the way to go yesterday. Many candles were lit.
Left - Wednesday nights at Fiorendino Bar in Frikes are still going strong. Always lots of dancing and drinking going on with the yachters that make this bar their port stop each time they are in Frikes town. It's no just yachters who get the most out of this small bar, but also visitors staying nearby and locals looking for entertainment.
Left - 1/2 meter more room for trucks to get through a deadend road with barely a handful of houses that are lived in. A lovely dry stone wall gets bulldozed into rubble to make way for a wider road. This really is a 'road to nowhere, unless...' My guess is that someone has plans to build and needs the wider access. Having lived at the end of the narrow section for quite a few years without incident, it can't be that it's dangerous, but I guess when someone wants to do speedway antics along the road or bring in trucks when building, the lightpole will often be in the way. Funny thing is that the road will still be narrow at the entrance due to the 2 houses closing it in and narrow again 20 meters along. Sometimes I really wonder what the point is. Guess there's always enough money around for improvement, worthy or otherwise.
Friday 23rd - Another great weather day, so it's off to the beach. What a great time on Ithaki. Left - Sarakiniko beach and Below Left & Below - Filiatro beach.
Above - Filiatro beach just outside of Vathy. Above Left - Vathy views from Kanelata. Left - Aetos Bay had a huge cruiser in the bay today with heliport and much more.
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