Festivals on Ithaca in Greece. 2006 Anoghi Village Panighiri held in the town square in this mountain village.
Anoghi Panighiri 2006
  Just when you think you're all Panighiried out, along comes a great time that just can't be missed. Anoghi had such a great feel about the place, that everyone was hooked even before they stepped into the Village Square. Park the car along the black stretch of road and walk into the village. It's usually a chore, but this night, the almost full moon reflected on the Ionian horizon left while dark shadows played hide and seek in the roadside shrubbery with each passing headlight looking for a space to park. In the distance, the music of the Festival was made faint by the mountain wind, that blew the bouzouki melodies towards Kathara. On approaching the village, the din of the masses burst the black road silence and exploded it into colourful and noisy festival of Greek tradition. In one festive night, the mountain village of Anoghi, sees more people than it does in the space of an ordinary year, and if there was any fun to be had, it was going to be found right there on the cobblestone of the village Square.    
Panighiri Fever  
  Smoke billowed from the charcoal grill and the wind took the aroma around the village, making everyone hungry for souvlaki. To get a table, you needed to get to Anoghi early, otherwise it was standing room only. As usual, the temperature is a little cooler on the mountain, so those in the 'know' brought their jackets, but those who knew better, left their jackets in the car, because after some hot and sweaty dance action, no one sensed the 18C chill.  
  The local taverna set up a table for whoever wanted to eat inside, with the usual traditional and local fare of the region.  
  Anoghi is the Feast of the Panaghia, of reunions, of romance and hope for the future, and of defying nature by staying up as late as possible for long periods at a time, while the Summer on Ithaca tempts with one Panighiri after another.